Thursday, 7 November 2013

Things no one tells you about pregnancy !

I am now 7 weeks post partum! I have heard people say they forgot what's it's like to be pregnant, well I haven't ! Towards the end it was horrible, so if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant then here is what you are in for: 

Huge, I mean massively huge swollen feet! Ok not everyone gets this but mine were the biggest things I had ever seen, I'm talking bigger than Kim kardashian squeezed into a givenchy shoe! 

This is not the worst photo! I am way too embarrassed to put that on public display. These didn't go straight away, I'm sure my belly shrunk quicker than my feet. 

Thick hair isn't always a good thing- I did not need my hair to get any thicker!! Blow drying hair when you aren't pregnant in hot weather is horrible enough but being pregnant during this summer and spending half an hour under a blow dryer is not fun!! I haven't lost it yet either. 

Your lady garden can't be seen- keeping things neat down there is a work out in its self! Buy a non steaming mirror! 

You may not have a period for nine months but things down there are still happening- I won't explain further but you will see or you will know what I mean! 

Talc powder is great for mums too- especially in the summer, it's a must have for your handbag, stops those lovely pregnant thighs from rubbing! 

You will find a new appreciation for your not so perfect pre-pregnancy figure! 

Not perfect but at least a strap fit around my ankles!  

You think you are tired from peeing all night- you ain't seen nothing yet! Wait until your little one joins you! 

You learn what SPD stands for- and you want to tell it to F off!! 

These are things no one told me to expect!! What did you or are you experiencing that surprised you? 


  1. Lol! Wow!!! The foot thing looks annoying! That must be the ONLY nasty preg thing I escaped....I got everything else in buckets lol.

    The morning sickness was the biggest shocker for me! Along with the sudden constant burning in my throat and addiction to rennie, and the bizzare skin outbreaks I got.


  2. Jeepers, you have scared me with the swollen feet now I'm imagining my whole head is going to swell lol. I'm almost 27 weeks and so far the worst things are lower back ache and heartburn. I had always thought heartburn was a made up thing from people who ate too much junk, urgh I was wrong it is a very real thing :'(

    Loving your updates :)

  3. Ooh just remembering Kim K squeezing her feet into those shoes makes me wince! What on earth was she thinking?! I've been pretty lucky really, the worst thing for me has been rib pain- when they say 'pain', it's like a constantly broken rib that gets booted several times a day and makes you feel like your side is going to burst open. Mmm, that's a joyous feeling :) xx