Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Delarom bath oil

One of the things I love to do to relax once Albie is in the land of nod is to have a steaming hot bath. It's so nice to be able to have a hot bath, during pregnancy hot baths are to be avoided so I really missed them over the 9 months. My usual bath oil is Jo Malone Pomegranate noir, however it's a bit pricey so will be a one off birthday or christmas treat, so when I was sent the delarom bath oil from the Urban Retreat Beautique, I couldn't wait for Albies bed time so I could draw a bath and light some candles. 

The Urban Retreat Boutique is a luxurious online beauty retailer, you can take a look at the amazing range of products here- They even stock things for babies! It's you are stuck for christmas present ideas take a look! Don't blame me when you fill up your online basket :) the have also just started selling my favourite perfume- Tom Ford Black Orchid! 

The Delarom bath oil is gorgeously presented in a brown glass bottle (not even jo malone can stretch to glass) 

I add a capful of the oil to my bath and relax in the wonderful aromatherapy aroma, ingredients include lemon, cypress and lavender, all adding to the relaxing effect. Not only does the oil leave your body feeling silking soft and smelling  a-mazing, the mixture of ingredients help the elasticity of the skin which in turn should help with limiting the appearance  of stretch marks ! Now it's a bit late for me on that front but I will see if the couple I have from pregnancy improve. The oil can also be used in the shower rubbed over the body or even as a massage oil, I haven't quite talked Mr.C into this one yet, to be fair by the time we reach bed the only thing going on in there is sleeping !! Ahhh the life of new first time parents. 

This product isn't really on the lower end of the price scale however it's a lovely treat and will last sometime so worth the couple of extra pennies. 

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