Thursday, 29 August 2013

36 weeks

Weight Gain: I haven't gained any weight this week *sigh of relief* so in total is 2stone 2lbs. Not too bad really, especially as Baby C should now weigh about 6lbs. So I can blame him for that! Being away from the vending machine at work has helped me avoid fizzy drinks and chocolate. 

Bump is measuring 44 inches, so it has grown, I took this measurement in the evening though so it might be smaller in the morning. I'll check. The bump has certainly dropped and now feels like I'm lugging a bowling ball around with me. 

Symptoms: Still have fat feet, don't worry.. I won't subject you to a photo of the trotters. I had a pedicure yesterday so that was lovely, poor women having to hold them. Sleeping is ok, I can get to sleep no problem but have to change sides every half hour so my butt stops going numb! 

Stretch marks: Just the normal hip ones at the moment. I'm getting so fed up up greasing up every night and morning though. 

Movement: Like a little alien in my tummy. I am sure I felt the shape of a leg at the top of the bump though. It felt very weird. 
Belly button: Outie- as seen below!

Yes, the stretch marks are covered by the maternity jeans !

Cravings: Nothing really. I did really enjoy my nando's last night though 

Wedding ring: on, but getting tighter.

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks.. Period type cramps every evening

Best moments: The midwife is 90% sure Baby C is head down.. yippeee. But I have a scan tomorrow to double check, so we get to see baby again!

Worst moment: Nothing really, its been a good first week of maternity leave.

Looking forward to: Being full term next week

eyebrow wax is next on the to do list

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Baby Shower

My BFF hosted an amazing baby shower for me last weekend with a little help from my Mum and other friends! I had the best time with all my nearest and dearest helping to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby C. 

All dressed up and ready to go
We had a lovely afternoon tea with gorgeous vintage china and yummy M&S cakes and food.. It took me all of 5 minutes to spill cream down me ! Typical. 

Now, those that know me know I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to events, I found it very hard to not ask questions (well impossible, I asked a lot and cancellation of the shower was mentioned,oopsy) However I can honestly say all angles were covered and it's just how I imagined it to be. All the little details were thought of and it looked just lovely.

How cute are these little milk bottles??
We even had lovely fresh flowers everywhere!

Our gorgeous China, being re-used after our wedding

All my Favourite sweets- I obviously took these home to finish off (in one night)


 Everyone filled out my baby book with guesses of the weight and date of baby c's arrival, anyone that mentioned October or an extra big baby are not in my good books... OVER 9LBS!!!! If that happens, I'm blaming you Pat!! I loved reading everyones wishes for the baby, most involved laughing at Mr.C's expense- which I loved and he found funny when he had a read at home.. 

We were well and truly spoilt by all our friends and family. Thank you so much to the lovely hostess and party planner Jade and for everyone that came along!! We love you all very much 


Baby C is one lucky baby to be surrounded by such loving Family and Friends...

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

35 Weeks

Ahhhhh 5 weeks to go and I finish work today!! The nursery is so close to finishing, we just need to put a couple of shelves and pictures up. I love it. I will post pics as soon as it's finished. 

Weight Gain: 30lbs, shit! Hopefully a max of 1lb a week gain till due date and the total will be 2.5 stone. Which I guess isn't too bad, is it? As long as it comes off who cares! 

Bump is now 43.5 inches. I am having to take the measurement at a different place as the widest point is much lower now. Hopefully that means Baby C is in the right position. 

Symptoms: Not been too bad this week, I've not been really tired either. I am however really looking forward to having my normal size feet and calves back. I've heard they get worse before they get better though- Great!!! 

Stretch marks: No changes here -Yet! 

Movement: Still moving lots, it's also the first time I have felt Baby C have hiccups, first it was cute, now it's a little annoying, especially at night time, but I still smile every time I feel him. I have no idea of his position as I get hard bumps and lumps all over. His hiccups are low down though so hopefully that's a sign. 
Belly button: A soft outie, but it can now be seen through my tops. 

Cravings: Nothing, I've not even been hungry. 

Wedding ring: Miraculously On!

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks.. I was suffering from period pain type cramps, every 5 mins for about 45 mins, they weren't really painful! 

Best moments: My lovely amazing Baby Shower. I will do a separate post on this to tell you all about it! We have also ticked off everything on our Baby List... I am sure a lot more things will crop up but we have everything we think we need. 

Worst moment: Waking up at 5am and wondering how we are going to look after a baby!!! What do I dress him in, will he be too hot, too cold, how do I know what to do with him!!! Arghhh. Has anyone else suffered pre-baby nerves? I woke up the next morning and asked Mr.C if he was nervous, apparently he isn't, My reply " yeah me either" 

Arghhh, little update. I cracked my wisdom tooth, I have no idea how, it doesn't hurt in the slightest, but I have been left with a little snaggle tooth right at the back, it's pretty sharp, so my first day out of the office will be spent at the dentist, having the rest removed I'm sure. I think things like that are quite common in pregnancy, I'm just glad it's the back tooth that won't be seen! 
Looking forward to: Maternity Leave, It officially starts on the 2nd September however I finish today on holiday! 

Until next week

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Nexcare Maternity Range by 3M direct

I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely people over at 3M Direct in regards to their Nexcare Maternity range products. Nexcare have been providing both the medical industry and the general public with first aid products such as bandages and plasters, to pre and post pregnancy support aids for the past 60 years, so they really know their stuff. For those that aren't aware 3M Direct are the creator of lots of your everyday office supplies such as Post-it and Scotch, Nexcare is the medical arm of the business.

I was sent:
The Nexcare Maternity Support Band 
The Nexcare Post-partum Support
The Nexcare ColdHot Maternity Compress

The Nexcare Maternity Support Band could not have come at a better time, as you all know I have been suffering with a bit of SPD, especially when I am sat in the office all day. I first wore the belt on a Saturday, it was pretty easy to put on, I did try without reading the instructions but got a little confused, as soon as I took a look the band went straight on with no bother. 

It's really not noticeable under my dress, I haven't tried it with trousers yet, just because it's been too hot and humid to wear them. I wore the band for about 4 hours,  I wouldn't say you can't feel that you have it on, but you certainly get used to it. The band really helps take the pressure off the Pelvis,  I don't know about you fellow pregnant ladies but sometimes I wish I could just lift and carry my bump around with me- well this band does just that. 

The band comes in three parts, an under bump support, a back support and an over bump band. I actually prefer to use it without the over bump band. 

The band was really supportive whilst wearing it, to the point where I had been walking all day without pain and then it suddenly hit me, that I wasn't waddling or grimacing with every step. I can't believe how well it had worked. Once I took it off in the evening, I still felt really good, I think my Pelvis just needed a bit of a break from all the extra weight. Don't get me wrong, there is no miracle cure for SPD, the band doesn't work as well when I am sat at my desk all day but I think that has a lot to do with being sat for too long and my posture but it still does help! 

This belt has my full recommendation!!! 

I obviously haven't had a change to try the post-post-partum support band, but as soon as Baby C arrives this will be going straight on- The aim of the band is to support the abdominal muscles after birth. I do think I will have a separating of the muscles (it's quite common after pregnancy) so I hope this and some gentle repair exercise from the Ladies at FitMama will help get my abs back (who am I kidding?? I've never had abs!!!) 

I have however been able to use the Hot/Cold Maternity Gel Compress , these are reusable cold hot gel compresses to ease discomfort for breastfeeding mothers. Obviously I'm not breast feeding yet but my boobs have become very sore the past week so I thought I would give these a go. There are two ways these can be used, you can heat them using hot water, or just pop them in the fridge for a while to make them nice and cool, they come with a fabric cover too so don't worry about the heat or cold being directly on your breast. They are a great shape for popping in your bra! 

I have only used them cold and they really help ease the pain and discomfort so I can only imagine that they are going to be really effective when breast feeding. I will of course let you know how I get on with them. 

All three of these items are reasonably priced and are available direct from the 3M Direct website here: 

The lovely people at 3M Direct have also given me a 20% discount code for all my readers just enter : 3Mmaternity01 when you place an order with them!!! 

* I have been sent these products free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My Maternity Leave To do list

Have I said I finish work on the 20th August?? I may have mentioned it once or twice! I am going to try and keep myself really busy so I have held off doing a lot of things until I am off work.

1. Wash baby clothes, organise and put away

2. Wash baby bedding for cot and Moses basket- put on. 

3. Meet friends for lunch

3. Set nursery up- arrange where everything is going, put pictures and shelves up on the wall (I won't be trusted to do this so I'll just have to leave dots where I want things for Mr.C to do)

4. Organise the house, we have done most of this but a few things need to be put in permanent homes once Baby C's room is done. 

5. Meet friends for coffee

5. Find a place in the kitchen for steriliser, formula and bottles 

6. Paint our vintage high chair 

7. Meet friends for dinner

8. Manicure/Pedicure/Massage/Eyebrow wax/Possibly bikini wax if feeling brave enough.

9. Wash all clothes for my hospital bag- Pack hospital bag - one for me, one for baby and one for Mr.C. 

10. AND...... Relax 

11. Have a baby! 

Just a little add on- Baby C had the hiccoughs last night- the first time ever, and they were low down, I am hoping this is a good sign of him not being breech. I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it! I may be a bit posh/think I'm a bit posh,  but I want to PUSH!! 


Have I forgotten anything? I'm sure I can squeeze a few more lunch dates in there !

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

nspa Mum to Be Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil

I had a lovely delivery yesterday from the people over at nspa and I just had to tell you all about it. I received the Mum to Be Nourishing Stretch mark oil, the Mum to Be Cooling Leg and Foot gel and the Mum to Be Soothing Nipple Balm. . 

I have only used the Stretch Mark oil so far and I have been really impressed so wanted to quickly let you know about it (although upon opening the parcel I could smell the yummy foot lotion so I can't wait to try this)

The oil is  "a luxurious blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin A and E" according to the exclusive stockists Asda. I really love this product, I have previously used Bio-oil and Palmers Tummy Butter, the Bio-oil was great however it was really greasy and took ages to soak into my skin, leaving me like a greased whale in bed and putting it on in the morning was impossible as it would seep through to me clothing. The Palmers Tummy Butter was less greasy but it took twice as long to apply and I found I used it really quickly. 

The nspa stretch mark oil isn't greasy at all, of course it has the feeling of oil, but it soaks into my skin really well, the smell is lovely and subtle, not overpowering at all. I put the oil on both morning and night and have no problems with feeling greasy. It makes me skin really soft, even when I do the morning stretch mark check my tummy feels so smooth.

I have only been using this for a day but I have been very impressed so wanted to share my thoughts. I can't comment on its effectiveness at preventing stretch marks yet but I will update you. I am also applying it on the few that have cropped up on my side and thighs so hopefully in time it will help them to look less angry!! 

As I said before nspa products are sold exclusively at Asda supermarkets and they are super affordable. A 150ml bottle of this will only set you back £6, what a bargain!!! I would recommend this even if you aren't pregnant and want skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. 

I can't wait to try the Cooling Leg and Foot Lotion! I guess the Nipple Balm will have to wait a while! 

You can order it here 

Thanks nspa!!! 

* I was sent this product by nspa for the purposes of review, all opinions are entirely my own and 100% honest. 

34 Weeks

I don't know why my thumb looks like it's poking out of my belly!

Time is flying.. only 6 weeks to go, although everyone keeps telling me I won't go to 40 weeks, I am not thinking about this, as I don't want to be counting the days and getting excited by every twinge. I leave work on the 20th of August so have lots of things planned to do over the few weeks before baby so hopefully he won't arrive too early!! 

Weight Gain: Haven't checked but I am sure my face is looking a little rounder!! Fab !! 

The bump is measuring in at ......... 43 inches. My shape has changed completely, I feel like it has definitely dropped, I think I can tell his position most of time now which is pretty weird. 

Symptoms: Acid reflux at night time is a killer, bringing nausea with it too. I ended up out of bed this week sitting on the loo leaning on the sink just to cool down (does anyone else find bathrooms the best place to be when you're feeling poorly) I had a little sleep on the sofa until MR.C woke up and came and got me back into bed. Boobs are also getting a little sore now too and tiredness is kicking in.

Stretch marks: No change, still have the little patch on my back they don't look great at the moment but I am hoping with time they will fade and won't be that noticeable. If I am lucky enough just to get these I will be super happy, but only time will tell! 

Movement: Going crazy still, I sometimes worry to myself that they aren't supposed to be that hard!
Belly button: A soft outie

Cravings: Nope, I do love a fizzy drink though, I've been trying to stick with coke zero but the vending machine only has diet or full fat- Full fat it is. 

Wedding ring: On!

Labour Symptoms: Nope 

Best moments: We had a buggy delivered so it was exciting to go and check that it was all there- Can't wait to put it together, I will do a review on it once it's up, we have been very lucky as our buggy was a gift from my Mum - so Baby C has a very cute red buggy to travel in style!  

Worst moment: Being told Baby C could possibly be breach. My midwife wasn't too sure if she could feel a head or a bottom! Apparently heads are harder and whatever is at the top at the moment is pretty hard (maybe he won't inherit my derrière)  I am not going to worry too much about it, whatever will be will be. 
Looking forward to: ahhhhh it's an exciting week, we have the nursery furniture coming on Thursday, I can't wait to see it all up, it also means I can get some space back in my wardrobe. 

I also have my 'surprise' baby shower. I say 'surprise' because I know when it is but I don't know any of the details, anyone that knows me will know I am a control freak when it comes to events. Although I fully trust my BFF's more than capable hands. I will let you all know how it goes!!! So excited I even bought a new dress! I can't wait to see all my friends and family too!!!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Our NHS Preparation for Birth and Beyond class

So yesterday we had our NHS ante-natal class. We were booked in for the 6 hour class from 10am-4pm.. the plan was to get up nice and early so we had enough time for brekkie and to run in to the shop and grab some drinks and snacks (we were told refreshments would be minimum- and they weren't joking, squash and a couple of rich teas)  The plan soon went out of the window when we both woke up at 9.10am, we had time for a shower and a cup of tea, no time for breakfast or a stop at the shop!!! 

Needless to say I was starving until we had our first break at 11.30am, during which we ran to Costa and I scoffed an egg sandwich. 

The course was really long, in all honesty I think they could have substituted a couple of the topics with a tour around the hospital (we have to go to this on another day if we want it) 

The course covered;

- What are babies can do now - Pretty self explanatory. Babies born at my stage are very very likely to be born healthy. In Fact our nephew (1 today!!) was born at 6 weeks early weighing a massive 6lb 5oz, he stayed in for a while but was generally in very good health and is as happy healthy gorgeous one year old!!

- Labour and Delivery - we went through different types of labour, ones that last days to ones that happen quickly, it also covered emergency c-sections. I did find out the birthing pool in Basingstoke hospital is very underused, so I am totally going to ask for it when I call, I don't have my heart set on a water birth but I think the option would be great, plus I know in this room they also have the ropes you can pull on to help with contractions! I am surprised we didn't get to see forceps or a ventouse. (Maybe that's a good thing)

- Breathing and relaxation exercise- Always the class clown/idiot Mr.C decides to make a snoring noise during this! I do think all the other dads felt a bit silly too or more self conscious. 

- Pain relief- I pretty much knew all of the advantages and disadvantages of each, Mr.C found this quite helpful, I don't think he approved of Pethidine too much, as it's the only pain relief that passes through the placenta. The disadvantages of an Epidural really outweighed the advantages, I really cringe at the thought of a a catheter! However I will still not rule it out, as I have no idea how much pain I am going to be in or how I am going to cope with it. 

- Breastfeeding - I was quite surprised at how this wasn't pushed, the benefits were not really explained, it was more being shown how to breastfeed and how to get baby to latch on correctly. 

- Strains on a relationship- I think this could have been skipped, or shortened. I think we all know that becoming a parent is a whole new world and things are going to be difficult in the beginning. 

- Where to go for help - support groups etc. 

- Practical care of baby- Changing nappy, bathing and putting to bed safely. I was quite interested to learn that swaddling is no longer recommended due to overheating.

All in all, I didn't learn too much, but I have done a lot of reading, I have a lot of friends and family with babies and I attend FitMama classes (not only fitness but educational.) Mr.Clarke on the other hand read three pages of his book so it was good to tie him down and have to listen (he did do very well when he had to bath the doll in front of the class- apparently it was all easy and he can do it with his eyes closed!) I would never tell anyone not to bother go, it's a free class (thank you NHS) and you will learn something- even if it's just a couple of things!! 

Silent Sunday

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Wish List

YBeautysets - baby wish list

There are so many cute things I could buy for Baby C but I am holding off buying anything now until he is here!! I love all the new Autumn/Winter range for little boys, little boots and knitted jumpers are just so CUTE!! My fav shop for baby boys this season has to be Zara, they aren't so great on the newborn range but 3,6,9 months plus are just the sweetest!! 

1. I am in LOOOOVE with these little boots, perfect winter booties for a little boy. They are £29.99 from Zara. Find them here 

2. You can never have enough bibs, this pack from Marks and Spencers is lovely, I like that they have poppers unlike most that are Velcro. They aren't an massively exciting buy but definitely an essential. They are a bargain for £5. Find them here

3. It's always handy to have some comfy trousers for baby (and mummy) to lounge around in, Denim always looks a bit stiff on tiny babies but these are a great alternative. They can be bought from Zara for £10.99. Find them here

4. Another pair of gorgeous shoes from Zara, eeekkk. They are probably the most impractical thing but they are so adorable, not for a newborn, maybe 9-12 months. This red leather moccasins are £25.99. Find them here

5. I like these little trouser/leggins as they look really comfortable without being bulky like jogging bottoms. I think these would look great with a little t-shirt. You can pick up a two pack from Baby Gap for £9.95- there is also an additional 15% off Gap purchase for today only (8/8/2013) Find them here

6. Zara comes up trumps again with this knitted jumper, Baby C will be three months at Christmas and this would be perfect. It's £15.99 ! Find it here

7. How lovely are these coloured twill trousers, Zara again!! The price is £12.99 which I think is quite reasonable. Find them here

8. This Muslin Clothes are really sweet, I know you can get them cheaper but the design on these are really sweet, and £8 for 5 is still pretty reasonable for M & S quality. Another essential. Find them here

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our Home

I love the little bike flower pot we have.. (on the right)
We bought our first home together in December 2010, I can't believe we have been here for three years- 2013 will be our 4th Christmas in the house, I am sooo looking forward to it, not just because Baby C will be here but we get to put the tree up!!!! We didn't get to put one up in our first year as we moved on the 23rd  of December and last year we were building an extension (I say 'we' I mean Mr.C of course, I am always Project Manager)

It's taken us this long to get the house to a standard that we love, we still need to change the bathroom (I learnt caustic soda  is NOT bath cleaner the hard way, oops)

Anyway we love our home and I love interiors so I thought I would share my favourite things in my house with you- You will have to wait for the Nursery finale.

My dining room is my favourite room in the house. I love that everything in it is quite unique, I picked up the table from an auction for £32 and got it painted and waxed. The corner unit is on of my favs too, this was from Ebay and repainted. The corner chair was also from an auction, a bargain at £30. I had my curtains made for me with some fabric I fell in love with. The flooring is Bamboo. When we bought the house this was just our patio, we knocked out the window and built out, luckily I married a very talented carpenter (Don't tell him I said that) 

I have added a new sideboard to the dining room, We really wanted some storage downstairs so I didn't have to keep worrying about removing the doggy every time I needed something for the baby, so we are going to keep spare of everything downstairs- not that I'm lazy or anything. We picked this up for free, I bought some Annie Sloan Chalk paint and Wax (which I love by the way) and I painted, waxed and distressed it. Not bad for my first DIY project. 
I managed to get the paintings on the wall from the Auction too!! 

I love my bedroom, Our bed is from Ikea, it will need replacing eventually but considering it was pretty cheap it has done us well for the last three years. The bedding is Laura Ashley, although to be honest I am not a fan, 100% cotton is not fun to iron and as soon as we have slept in it it's creased again. 

The canvass is from Next and the wall colour is Pavillion Grey by Farrow and Ball.

My living room was so plain when we moved in, we had an old white brick fireplace with a non-working gas fire, so that went when we built the extension. 

I got the mirror from an Antiques shop in Hartley Whitney (Hampshire), We did debate getting a real log burner however with a baby on the way we didn't think it would be too safe, let alone the mess it might cause on our new cream carpet, so we decided just to make do with an electric one. Mr.C does still need to make a mantel shelf for above the fire, it's on his 'before the baby to do list' 

I can't remember the wall colour but it's a shade by Farrow and Ball

Our Wallpaper is by Anna French.  Our floor lamp was another find by me, I got this from an antique shop. I love the blanket on the back of our sofa, a friend of ours made it for us for a wedding present, it's so unique, I love that no one else has it!! Comes in very handy for those cold winter evenings. 

This is my lovely Pip Studio Collection, I still need the get the large plates but I love getting it out when I have a friends over for a cuppa. 

As I am sure you can tell I love vintage homes !!! A lot of our furniture has been bought cheaply and 'up-cycled' I really believe you do not need to spend a lot to make your house a home !!

I can't wait to share the Nursery pictures with you!!

Have you picked up any bargains that you love for your home?