Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hospital Bag (so far)

Ok. So I'm coming close to my third and final trimester and although I am a slight control freak, I haven't started to pack my bag yet and I am not planning to for a while (it will require a new bag purchase first of course!) However I am going to start collecting things when I do the weekly shop. I'm not sure about you but whenever I go on holiday I always want new PJ's, so for my little trip to the Maternity ward I want new Pj's, slippers and a dressing gown (Any excuse, right ladies?) 

What did you find essential on your trip to the hospital? Am I missing anything blindingly obvious? Is there something you wished you packed and you didn't?
oopsy- Baby C might need a blanket too!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Baby Buy: Cath Kidston Cowboy Changing Bag

I love love love this Cath Kidston Changing bag, we bought it a couple of weeks ago at the Cath Kidston (CK) store in Guildford. Mr C. really likes is too, much more than the Mulberry baby bag I suggested.

I few people have told me that zips aren't great on the CK bags but this doesn't have a zip, the fold over stays down with velcro, so no worries there. It also comes with a handy travel change mat and a bottle holder. I really like that it is made from Oil Cloth material so it's easy to clean and wipe down, it also looks really roomy inside. I am tempted to buy the little rucksack that matches, I know Baby won't be using it for some time yet but it might be handy to put extras in, toys and books etc. I might force the baby into loving cowboys as I think a little boys room would be soooo cute in this.. I'm thinking way ahead! 

I'll do a full review once Baby C is here and see if it performs as good as it looks!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

The great debate.... Breast feeding or Formula?

I am not going to make out I am an expert on this subject, I am far from it. In my opinion this is probably one of the biggest decisions a new mum has to make, well it has been for me anyway, I am sure there are those out there that know before they are even pregnant that they will breastfeed or formula feed their newborns, I unfortunately am not one of them. I have friends and family who have exclusively formula feed, some that have breastfed for the first 6 weeks and those like my sister who amazingly breastfed for the first year (twins!!) Sometimes at the same time, she needed some co-ordination to keep that up.
I am still undecided what I am going to do, at the moment I am leaning towards at least trying to breastfeed. I have a few of dilemmas with this so I am hoping for a few comments to offer advice. Firstly I think I will be shy about getting my breasts out in front of anyone other than my husband, I know it can be quite discreet but I am just not sure how I will feel about it, maybe my thoughts will change completely, who knows.
Secondly I am routine mad and judging by my friends that have formula fed it looks much easier to settle babies into a routine when you know how much they are eating (I am currently reading Gina Ford, controversial, I know but if her breastfeeding routines work then why not give it a go- I’ll let you know my thoughts when I’m finished)
Thirdly, expressing for me is not an option, I really think I would feel like a milking machine and I would rather my husband not see me ‘pumping.’
Lastly I am worried that if I tell my midwife/health visitor that I would like to try breastfeeding that I would be pressured into continuing even if I decided it really wasn’t going to work for me. I am such a pushover and will easily end up in a breastfeeding cafe before I know it. I have a tattoo that I hate, I knew I hated it when the stencil was on but me being me just said “yeah great, go for it” You know when you tell your hairdresser you like a cut but are really thinking “this better grow quick?” Well unlike that, this is permanent!! IDIOT!!!
To those breastfeeding advocates I am sure I sound very selfish, however I really believe that if you are a stressed mummy due to the pressures of breastfeeding this isn’t going to be good for you, which in turn will not be good for baby. Happy calm mum= Happy calm baby. No-one can argue breastfeeding is best, there have been hundreds of studies to prove this and in no way would I argue them to be wrong, I just don’t know if it’s best for me and my baby.
Breastfeeding does have a lot of positives, not only is it best for baby but it provides health benefits for mum also, such as reduced risk of cancer, helping the uterus to shrink quicker, and burning up to 500 calories a day, my sister swears that breastfeeding really helped her massive weight loss after birth (she lost a lot more weight than she put on) In all honestly with the twin girls there was no time to eat.
I have bought bottles and steriliser and I will also buy formula before baby arrives ( if i do decide to breastfeed, I will be introducing formula at some stage) I do want to try breast feeding, it could feel totally natural to me and baby might settle into a routine fairly quickly, however I am putting no pressure on myself, I have my 28 week midwife appointment next week so I am looking forward to discussing this with her.
Have you decided how you will be feeding your baby? Did you share any of my concerns? If so it would be great to hear how you dealt with them.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Second Trimester Essentials

  1. Garnier Summer BodyTrès bon tinted moisteriser. This makes me feel so much better about my changing body, I don't know why but as soon as I have a bit of colour on my skin it really makes me feel more confident. It doesn't smell as bad as other fake tans, it could do with some tweaking on that but it doesn't have that yukky biscuit smell. It looks really natural too and is easy to apply, developing overnight, I don't really need to apply more than twice for a lasting glow. A lot of friends have asked why I am so brown so it must be good! I will certainly be re-purchasing this.
  2. Large water bottle- I am really trying to increase my water intake so I carry this bottle everywhere, I drink a lot more from a bottle than I would a glass. Luckily at work we have a water cooler so I try to refill this at least twice during my working day. It really helps with cramp, water retention (weirdly enough) and also keeps my skin hydrated to stave off those pesky stretchmarks!
  3. Lavender Wheat Bag- Ahhhhhh I love this, it does smell a bit porridgy but it really works and is much safer than a hot water. You just pop it into the microwave for a minute and a half and hey presto, it's lovely and warm, I use it on both my rib pain and my back, which has been giving me a bit of gip in the last couple of days. I really really need to take a walk around my office every hour to loosen things up.
  4. Dioralyte- Foul tasting but works a treat. Primarily used following bouts of 'the runs' to replenish all the lost hydration  and electrolytes from your body. A major source of cramp is dehydration, so one of these before bed has really helped the dreaded night time cramps stay away. If you really can't stomach the taste then a lucozade would be a good replacement as these are full of electrolytes, however they are also full of sugar, I have only used one when the shop was out of Dioralyte. Little tip though- make sure you measure the correct amount of water, too little and these are gross and too much they are gross, the right amount.. yes, they are also gross just not as much.
  5. Birthing ball- Great for exercise, I use the FitMama Method book for ideas, but also great to sit on and give your coccyx a little relief if it's causing pain. Ideally I will take this into the labour room with me, can you imagine the amount of gunk that's been on the ones in the ward.. I am pretty sure that will be the least of my worries when I get there.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

27 weeks

Weight Gain: No Idea, Luckily I don’t seem to be gaining too much anywhere else apart from the bump, although I am sure it won’t be too long before I develop a second chin. I did measure bump circumference though. I tried to measure at the largest point .... drum roll..... My waist is coming in at 41 inches.. I’m curious to see how often I gain an inch.

Symptoms: I have had a lovely couple of weeks; sleep has been good, (so much so I wake up dribbling with Mr C telling me I really don’t look attractive when I am sleeping at the moment.... I am so sorry hubby, you poor thing having to deal with it) I have finally found comfortable positions and the cramps have managed to stay away or at least I have learned to stop them

Stretch marks: Nope... touch wood, fingers crossed, toes crossed... etc etc.

Movement: Baby C has changed his pattern a little bit and tends to be quiet when I am in bed which is great, however he seems to wake up after I’ve eaten so a couple of people have mentioned they can see him kicking through my clothes! My friends all got to see the bump moving this weekend. The feeling never gets old, makes me smile every time.

Belly button: In and out

Cravings: Not so much cravings, but I love can of coke. Not great I know but I have decaff tea and no sugar so a can of coke a couple of times a week won’t hurt. Oh and Milka chocolate bars seem to be on offer everywhere at the moment, the milk chocolate with the white chocolate amaze!!!  I could easily devour a whole big bar, but I am restrained and hand it over to Mr.C knowing I will never get a second look in.

Wedding ring: Still on, my fingers haven’t swelled at all *yet* I purposely got my wedding ring a bit tight so it would fit under my loose engagement ring, so I thought I would soon be taking it off but luckily it still fits like always
Best moments: Lots of nice compliments this week. Maybe it’s the maternity wear or maybe I’m ‘glowing’ or maybe it’s the Garnier tinted moisturiser, either way I don’t care what it is, it’s just nice to hear. Even Mr ‘put his foot in it C’ said I look lovely and my bump looked really cute!! I know. Shock. Talking my Niece into a nice foot massage that would help her baby cousin sleep and being told by my other nieces that they think the baby is in my boobies!!

Looking forward to: A week off work, I worked out my remaining holiday and what holiday I would accrue whilst away and it worked out I can afford to take a week off, it’s not till the last week of July but it splits my remaining time at work so when I return I only have August left to work.. eeek... This week also marks the last in my 2nd Trimester!! The final 12 weeks will soon be upon us.

Monday, 24 June 2013

You're Massive

Normally the last thing anyone should ever do is comment on a ladies weight, but as soon as you are pregnant this rule goes out of the window, expect people to tell you all about your weight gain or lack of from the minute you tell everyone your news. During this hormonal time in your life there is nothing that can make you feel better about yourself than people making comments about the size of your bump or your overall size. I have a big bump so I have the ‘ wow, are you sure it’s not twins’ ‘you are going to have a huge baby’ comments, I want to make it clear though that I don’t offend easily, I actually find comments like this funny, it just puzzles me that pregnant women’s size is a more than acceptable conversation to have.
I know people with a small bump have the same issues, being asked if they are sure their dates are correct and that they don’t even look pregnant, which I am sure for some people especially those first time more can be worrying.
I think it’s funnier when people say “oh you are getting bigger everyday” to which my reply is, “I should hope so, I would worry if I didn’t” Talk about stating the obvious. I have been guilty of this before pregnancy though so that is why I don’t take any offence. I did have a near stranger tell me that I was carrying like her “not just a bump at the front but a big bump at the back”!!!!! I failed to mention that my ‘back bump’ had always been there she just hadn’t noticed.
I did worry that I was going to have a giant baby however after my 25 week appointment I was reassured that Baby C is spot on, when she took the measurement she kept feeling lower and lower down my bump, telling me all the top half was just water (hopefully all the water comes out with my waters breaking)
I have really relaxed about the size of my bump, my Mum put on 5 stone when carrying me and was all bump, I was pretty small weighing in at 6lb 14oz. A close friend also had a big baby bump as has had two babies under 7lb too, so does big bump mean big baby? No. Does small bump mean small baby? No, another close friend didn’t show till her third trimester and had a bigger baby. All equally as gorgeous and cute.  
Everyone carries different and I embrace my big bump, I love it, I love telling people that they are wrong and it’s not ‘any day now’ Just look at the size difference between Kate Middelton and Kim Kardashian, both were due to give birth within a couple of weeks of each other. Kim gave birth a month early and even though she had a large bump her baby was less than 5lb.
So tomorrow I am 27 weeks, only 13 to go! Take a peek at this website to see an array of different size bumps all at 27 weeks.
Have you had any comments on the size of your bump, do you get offended or laugh them off?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

14 weeks to go... 14 things to do

So with 14 weeks to go (hopefully a little less, I have a feeling Baby C could be fully baked by weeks 38) Mr C and I have decided to freak ourselves out and write a 'to do list.' I actually think we are doing pretty well, although we are fairly confident the list may grow and grow (in Mr C's words "I'm sure you will think of more stuff I need to do"- ahhh he knows me too well) 

1. Paint nursery- Mr C has just re-plastered the walls (Isn't he handy) so this week is painting time, we have chosen Farrow and Ball ' Borrowed light' I love Farrow and Ball's period colours so I am sure it will look great.

2. Get Carpet fitted- we have lived with the previous owners carpet for the last 2.5 years, so it definitely needs renewing. 

3. Chose curtains and a blind (if my persuasion techniques to get shutters doesn't) The Little Bird by Jools range doesn't have curtains, not a problem though there are so many colours and different prints in the bedding, it won't be a problem to find curtains

4. Arrange furniture delivery- we have chosen the MotherCare Taunton Range. I love the little shelves at the side of the wardrobe and the tops of drawers. 
5. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize- My favourite part of decorating any room. I have some great ideas to make the nursery really special and personalised for Baby C. 

6. Choose and buy a monitor-Still deciding between sound and movement, video or just a regular sound monitor.

7. Choose and buy a mattress- I don't really like the thought of foam so I think we will be going for Springs.

8. Moses basket stand- I want a nice white rocking stand 

9. Sell my Mini and Buy a new car. My poor little Cream mini, I am so sad to have to sell it, but it's already becoming difficult to get in and out. We haven't quite decided on the family car but we are liking the BMW 1 Series we just need to go and test a few.

10. Mr.C's biggest job- Fit a new boiler. Anyone that comes into our house has a little shock after flushing the toilet, our water pump is so loud and goes off anytime there is any water (hot or cold) being pumped, plus we have an old tank and as I won't give up any of my wardrobe space we need to get rid of this for storage space.. Eurgh I'm dreading the mess.. I think I'll stay at a certain friends new house as guest of honour for the weekend. 

11. Birthing playlist- I am sure that this will be the last thing I will want to do when in agony but you never know it might help???

12. Antenatal class and hospital tour- we are booked in the NHS one for the 10th August. 6 hours!!! I will be taking a picnic hamper. 

13. Wash and iron all of Baby C's new clothes- I love the smell of fresh washing so this is a must

14. Buy and pack things for hospital bag

There you have it. That's all I can think of for now. I do want a new bathroom but I guess that's going to have to wait. 

Have I forgotten anything blindingly obvious- apart from the whole actually having a baby part???

Friday, 14 June 2013

25 Weeks

Weight Gain: I have given up, it’s just depressing. It WILL all be coming off, so what’s the point!! I think my bump is slowing down though. I might start a measurements next week!
Symptoms: Last week was hideous, the hot weather and broken AC at work really did not do me any favours. My Legs and feet swelled up to the size of elephant legs. I actually had a muffin top over my low rise converse! Cankles do not even come close to what was going on. My Calves were also swollen; they felt just like water balloons. Luckily walking about over the weekend and the drop in temps have taken it all pretty much back to normal (Just big, not swollen J) Cramps are fair and few between *thank god* Rib/Diaphragm pain is still there but I’m starting to think this is due to my posture at work.
Stretch marks: None yet! Bio oil is still applied every morning and night. I am hoping a big bump now means no huge growth spurt that might trigger them, wishful thinking. Oh and I have started to get 'the tummy line' my sister reckons if you get this stretch marks are less likely- lets see!
Movement: Lots and Lots, all day. Mr. C has felt lots of movements over the last couple of weeks, I am seeing my belly move at the same time now too... I know some people find it weird but I love it.  
Belly button: In and out - very strange 
Cravings: Not so much cravings, when I get something in my head, I must have it. It passes.  
Wedding ring: Still on
Best moments: Daddy Clarke feeling his little boy kicking about. 25 week GP appointment, Baby C is measuring right on track, phew! Big bump is just a lot of water at the moment. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Little Bird by Jools Oliver

This collection has been my baby obsession; I am totally in love with both the clothes and the nursery collection.

Little Bird is a collaboration between Jools Oliver (wife of Jamie Oliver) and MotherCare, inspired by an old nightie embroidered with a little fawn, passed down through Jool's family. It certainly has the retro feel about it. I love the woodland theme running throughout the collection too. Little Fawns, toadstools, ducks and rainbows are scattered about on everything.

The nursery collection is perfect for boy or girl and if you have chosen not to find out the gender of your baby then this is great if you don't want to be stuck with beige/grey/yellow colours. I have pretty much purchased everything possible in the range for Baby C's nursery. I think it's really reasonably priced too. You can pick up a bargain at the moment as a lot of the collection is on sale.


The clothing is adorable, again I have purchased quite a bit of the range for Baby C. It's fab if you don't want a sea of baby blue or pink everytime you open their wardrobe up.

These are my two fav buys ... (so far)

I can not wait till little Baby C arrives and we can dress him in his little outfits.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Things Husbands shouldn't say to their pregnant wifes

As you all know by now, Mr.C is not the sort to tiptoe around what he thinks, and generally puts his mouth into action before even consulting with his brain. After 12 years together and coming up to our one year wedding anniversary I am well trained in dealing with this.

Our relationship has always been.... shall we say passionate. Both of us know what we like and how we like it, if you are coming to our house don't expect not to participate in a debate between us, you will be forced to pick a side. Our 'debates' never go any further than that, 10 minutes later we will be laughing and joking about it, usually because I Google the answer to whatever we are discussing and I'm always right, of course. Our friends think we would make a perfect reality show 'Keeping up with the Clarkes' here we come.

He has put his foot in it many a times during my pregnancy, however I know and anyone that knows him find it hilarious, luckily I am not the sensitive type.

Have a chuckle at Mr. C's top moments.

1. "Andi, do you still find me sexually attractive?" Without Pause or even a glace up, "No, sorry"
The fact that he didn't even need to look up and double check was great!!!!!! I was reading his 'fathers guide to pregnancy at the time' (Someone might as well) and told him that a lot of men find their wives more attractive during pregnancy- personally this made us both cringe, so at least we are on the same page.

2. Whilst on our Babymoon, he decides to go on a trek up and down a cliff side to find a Secret Beach and Hippy Caves (this won't be surprising for anyone that knows him!) I of course stayed on the beach. During his 6 hour journey, without a hat or sun cream, he got burned (diddums) Back in our room, I accidently brushed past his sun burn prompting him to ask 'Why do you have to be so FAT?' Immediately he knew his mistake and couldn't stop apologising, I actually found it quite funny that he let that slip but I did milk if for the rest of the day.

3. "I meet a really nice Spanish family on my trek, a girl called Lucy was telling me all about the place, she was with her Mum and Dad " I thought Awww that's nice that he spoke to the locals until he added "oh by the way, Lucy was totally naked, age 21 and works in Pacha." Apparently he didn’t look, "her dad was there" Ahhh that's why!!

4. "Do I really need to be there during Labour?" - No explanation needed

5. Lastly this is something he said before pregnancy but slightly worrying "Do you have to pull that face when you are lifting?" All I can say is Good luck with my 'pushing a watermelon through a grape face hubby"

I love my Husband to bits and we have had an amazing first year of marriage. He is always helping friends and family and he has really made our first home perfect, without moaning about the vintage floral decoration. He can't wait for Baby C to arrive and I know he will make a brilliant Daddy.

Happy 1 year Anniversary Mr. Clarke... xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Maternity Wardrobe

1. New Look Maternity Reversible Jeans- These are great under the bump jeans. They aren't tough denim so really comfortable, plus they are reversible, blue one side and black the other. Perfect. I purchased these from Asos for £24.99, which I think is totally reasonable for a pair of maternity jeans. 

2. MotherCare Maternity Bra- Increasing boob size really calls for a good maternity bra, be prepared when you go on your first Maternity underwear shop, the size you thought looked massive will be either too small or fit perfectly.. Great only another 15 weeks of growing to get through, maybe it will make more sense just to buy a sling to hold them up?? But for now this bra is ultra comfy and costs £14 (Buy one get one half price at the moment - sweet) 

3. Asos Peg Leg Trousers- My office saviour, I had previously been wearing some H&M over the bump trousers but they were tight fitting so not the most appropriate for sitting down in the office all day. These Asos trousers are great, they look fab with heels or flats and are the perfect length. If you are struggling to find nice trousers then give these a try and all for the bargain price of £22

4. Asos Maternity Dogtooth t-shirt- I love this t-shirt, on trend and fits great. I have worn with both leggings and jeans. I think I would also wear this in the office with a blazer over the top. £16

5. Asos Maternity Maxi dress- I really like the fit of this t-shirt maxi, unlike my non-maternity maxi dresses this one really defines your shape, so you don't just look like your wearing a tent. I purchased this in red and will be wearing it with sandals or converse (once my ankles have de-swelled) £17.50

6. Asos Maternity Swing dress- O.K so this maybe a little 'where's Wally' but there would be no problem finding me in a crowd, just look for the extra round person. It probably isn't the most flattering dress but I think as I get larger I will grow into the shape, although that's not to say I wouldn't wear it now, it still looks good and it's nice to wear something a bit flowy during this mini heat wave. £25

As you can see most of maternity shopping has been done on-line at Asos, not that there is any other option but to shop on-line for Maternity clothes, we all know once you are pregnant you never want to go into town and actually try things on, everything looks great on you when you are carrying that extra stone in weight, WRONG.. Shops really need to start catering for pregnant women. The only shop in my town that stocks maternity wear is H&M, it's a joke. Luckily for now Asos has provided me with some great buys.....

Where have you done your maternity shopping? Have you got a favourite purchase? 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology Foot Map

I haven't had the worst pregnancy, infact I would say I have got away with a lot so far **touching wood** I do of course have the normal every day aches and pains that affect lots of ladies in pregnancy so when a friend recommended giving reflexology a try, I thought why not?

My reflexologist is Sally Killingback of Sally Footworks based in Hampshire, her website describes reflexology as "a wonderful holistic therapy which complements the natural event of childbirth" Basically reflexology is an alternative therapy involving placing pressure on certain reflex points that supposedly correlate with parts of the body, your hands and your feet are a reflection of what is going on in your body.

Sally started with telling me how it all works and what she looked to achieve over the next hour and our following sessions, I told her of any particular ailments, as you all know I have suffered with leg cramps, rib pain and most recently acid reflux (Ouchy) So she said would target these areas but also look at everything else. I have to say when she targeted a specific area where I had been having trouble I certainly knew about it, it wasn’t agonising but the pressure was there for sure, however she didn’t prolong this and eased it out quickly, and would move onto a relaxing massage. Interestingly enough the rib pain I had been getting wasn’t reflected in my feet, she did however find that the pressure I have been feeling was from my diaphragm being pushed into my rib.

At the end of the session we finished with what Sally called the "Penguin feet" position, this position reflects the pelvic plates, so she would push down on my feet from this position and this is supposed to open up your pelvis, which in turn should help during delivery. Whilst she was doing this I am sure Baby C was feeling that extra room as he started moving all over the place.

O.K so there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence on this, however recently studies have been done on patients undergoing MRI scans whilst having reflexology and the MRI scan picked up extra brain activity, what this actually means, I’m not sure BUT I am willing to give anything a go that may help with childbirth and reduce the time and any drugs I may need. Sally left me with a few tips to combat the issues I have been having and they have really helped so far, maybe it’s the placebo effect but if it works, who cares? I have booked in for another appointment in a month’s time so I am really looking forward to that relaxing hour of just ‘me time’

You can find Sally’s website here;
Have a read of the reviews from her clients, they are really interesting.

Have you given any alternative medicines a go whilst pregnant? Do you believe they work?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pug Hugs

Thanks for the wake up call
It was only so long I could go without dedicating a post to our current little baby Tilly the Pug. I know all dogs behave differently around pregnant women, so I thought I would let you know about my experience with Tilly.

Tilly is a 1 and half year old pug who drives us mad, but you cannot help but love her. I don't think visitors to the house believe me but when it is just us three home she is the most chilled lazy dog ever, as long as she is sat with one us, trying to get her to even sit in her own bed is impossible. If anyone else comes into the house she goes crazy and turns into the most hyper dog ever, when I come home from work she doesn't even flutter an eyelid!!! I honestly believe if Pugs weren't so cute they would be extinct, we like to tell her this too.

Since I have been pregnant I cannot move without my little shadow, she honestly follows me everywhere I go, if I'm having a bath, she is there. If I am in the kitchen cooking, she is under my feet. If I am in the garden, she is there next to me, even though she refuses to go and play in the garden by herself. I am sitting on one seat of a three seater sofa and she can have the rest of it, but no she is there right next to me, any attempted move lasts about 3 seconds before she makes her way back. Annoying as this is, she has loved the bump, she uses it as her little pillow, if I am having a 'belly out' moment she tries to lick the bump, I have to fight her off! If Mr.C is touching the bump she is right there watching him.

Although she has been great in pregnancy, there are worries about when Baby C arrives so we are putting in some new measures to deal with these. She used to sleep in our bed, before we ended up replacing 2 matresses in 3 months, oops! So she has slept down stairs for the past 7 months or so, she was also relegated to hallway and kitchen when we are out as she decided our brand new carpet looked like a tasty thing to chew. Sure, why wouldn't she? Her worst habit is barking at the T.V, anything that looks remotely like an animal, bug or cartoon character, she is off the sofa and barking and growling at the T.V, it drives me mad, she hated the water spray to begin with but now she loves it, so we scratched that idea, the only thing she doesn't like is having no attention so we have resorted to putting her in the kitchen on her own as soon as she even growls, she is slowly learning that this happens every time she barks.

We are really excited to see Tilly's behaviour around a baby, obvioulsly she will never be left in the room alone with him, we have a unit with everything I will need for the daily changes downstairs, to save me separating her every time I need to run upstairs. She is great with all my nieces, if a little hyper but they are older and run around after her. I'm not quite sure how she is going to take to attempted rides by Baby C when he is bit older.

Poor Minnie Tilly being terrorised by the twins

Princess Tilly trying to escape

How did your pets react to your pregnancy? Have they made best of friends with your babies?