Monday, 4 November 2013

The booming baby business

All you mummies out there know that your little ones are always in need of something new, especially in these early months, what with growth spurts, brain development and feeding habits. The expense of having a baby veritably doesn't stop at the big items like the travel system and the nursery furniture. Having a baby certainly isn't cheap, it's a booming business. 

I thought it would be helpful to write a post for all the mummies to be on things I have needed to buy since Albie was born, so if you do have any spare cash before getting the less than generous statutory maternity leave then it might be a good idea to get these extra things in. 

Albie has been with us 7 weeks this week  and I can tell you he never stops needing things.

I had a selection of newborn and up to one month outfits, Albie started I grow out of these so quickly, especially his new born outfits! His one month outfits lasted up till he weighed 10lbs, I got a bit more use out of the footless rompers, however all the all-in-ones just didn't allow his legs to stretch out. Off to the shops we went, and back again and again (oopsy) this has to be my favourite type of baby shopping. His is now wearing size 0-3months, depending on where we buy them some outfits are generous, others he has grown out of already. 


When Albie is awake and alert I love to have a little play with him, however he is awake a lot more than his newborn lazy days so I can't occupy him all the time, plus I know overstimulation for babies isn't great. We bought Albie the cutest baby play mat from Mammas and Papas, it's part of the gingerbread man collection. It's perfect for us, it has sides that can be put up or down, this is very handy to stop Tilly (our pug) from getting too close and great for throwing his cuddly toys into. The colours are lovely and bright, Albies favourite thing is the mirror, he loves to examine his face. 

Buggy spiral

According to baby books now is the time that Albs will start to pay attention to objects, at the moment he only follows me or my husband, he doesn't really take interest in other things, but I know this will change very soon and I want him to have something to look at on our strolls into town. I haven't actually bought one yet, I'm just looking for one I like. I really like the Sophie the Giraffe Activity Spiral. The giraffe is so cute. 

I also really like the one below, I read that babies really like black and white patterns as it sort of swims in front of their faces. 

This one does have mirrors on so I'm leaning towards it. Plus it's in the sale for £13.56, what a bargain, a very precise price but a bargain none the less. 

Feeding equipment

Albie was getting really frustrated when feeding and stopping half way through a feed so I decided to change his teats to stage 2, they had made such a difference. He does dribble a bit more but he seems a lot more satisfied. They don't come cheap, £4 a pair, 8 bottles makes it  £16 on bottle teats. 

Winter sleeping bag

Albie has been sleeping in his summer 1 tog sleeping bag as our bedroom is quite warm, however temperatures are really starting to drop now so he will be going in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. I have chosen the one below from vertbaudet. 

It's my first purchase from their and at the moment all new customers get £15 off when spending £20, so this only costs £13.99 !!! 

Baby bath support

Albie outgrew his baby bath, his legs are so long he was kicking himself up the bath. Little monkey!! I bought our bath support from Kiddicare for about £10, mamas and papas wanted £22 for one nearly the exact same. This has been one of my favourite purchases as he really loves his baths, it's my favourite time of our day, he is so happy splashing around. 

     Cropped to protect his teenage self! 

On top of all this the usual expenses of milk and nappies soon add up. I never stocked up too much on these though as you never know how your baby will get on with a certain brand. 

As you can see, it's been non stop shopping (not that I'm complaining, any excuse to buy my baby something is fine with me) so if you have some left over cash after your Xmas shopping then if might be worth getting a few things to cover the next few months not just newborn stage.


  1. Awww great post!!

    Albie is so cute, can't believe how big he's getting!

    Our baby bath support is still in the package, it was one thing we just never used!!


  2. Good tips Clarke!! Harry has that exact sleeping bag :-) It's SO nice!!! X