Sunday, 29 September 2013

OOTD - first non maternity outfit

Ahhhhh it feels so nice to wear some clothes that are much more 'me' 

I'm obviously in between sizes at the moment so I quickly ran into Matalan with Mr. C and Albie to pick up a few bits that would be comfortable over my scar but not maternity wear. These trousers are great as they are nice and baggy up top so less pressure on the incision but they taper at the bottom, just a nice change from leggings really (they are size 12) The shirt is an old one pre-pregnancy from good old primark (size 12) 

My necklace is from Topshop, (last year) and my watch is vintage Gucci. 

I'm really liking shirts at the moment and once I lose more baby weight I'm going to buy some tailored fitted shirts, I think they look great with jeans and leggings if the shirts long enough and a nice on trend necklace. 

I don't have shoes on in this picture, but I wore my low-rise white converse, my feet have finally shrunk, not quite back to normal but enough to fit in my converse!!!  

As you can see my huge bump has gone!! However my tummy is still quite swollen around my scar and I have a while to go before I'll be parading around in a bikini, luckily we have the whole of winter before I need to worry about that. I'm not feeling too bad for 11 days post birth. 

Recovery from my C-Section- Ten days in

The thing that concerned me most about a c-section (CS) wasn't the actual operation but the long recovery process everyone tells you about. I was really worried that I wouldn't feel like a proper mum as I didn't just want to hold and feed Albie but do his nappy changes and make his bottles and give him a bath, everything that being a mummy entails. 

I've been home from hospital for just over a week now and Albie is 11 days old. I don't want to tempt fate too much so I'm touching wood as I type, but so far my recovery has been so much better than I expected it to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not quite jumping up and down on the trampoline just yet but as each day passes I feel better and better. My scar is very discreet, you would never see it in underwear or a bikini (if I ever wear one again that is) 

 By day 5 post op, I was able to get down on the floor and change Albies nappies and clothes. Before this is  I just put his changing mat on the sofa. I was able to do all his night feeds from the day I was home from hospital (damn that!!) 

The only things I hadn't done at this stage to do with Albie was bath time so we waited a week and just top'n'tailed morning and night, much easier for me. We bathed him together, he loved it, Daddy held him and I washed him, I wouldn't risk carrying Albie up and down stairs either. 

It's now day 11 and I can bath Albie by myself if needed, as long as the bath is high up, I can also carry him up and down stairs. 

My recovery so far hasn't been flawless and I never expected it to be. My scar has been weeping the last couple of days, however when we went for our ten day check the consultant had a look and said it looked fine and no signs of infection. It is a bit sore but that's to be expected. I'm still taking paracetamol and diclofenac (when I remember ) 

Mr.C has been so helpful with everything I can't do, he's kept on top of all the washing, hoovering and cleaning for us (slacking a bit on the ironing though) I think he's getting the idea of how much is involved, he can't believe you have to Hoover every day hahaha!! 

I have been on a couple of walks around the shops, in desperate need of some clothes! I have been able to visit friends and family, and were are even walking to get brunch this morning. (Yes friends and family, I will be taking it easy!!!) 

Now the worst part of my recovery has nothing to do with the CS, on day 5 my milk came in and I am not exaggerating when I say the pain was excruciating, I couldn't touch them, my boobs were swollen and rock solid, and there is nothing you can do about it apart from leave them alone. Even sleeping on my back was painful due to them being so heavy. I had to show all my friends them as I didn't think you would believe them until you saw them, it's fair to say they were gobsmacked as well as a little amused that I just got the girls out! They took about three days to go back down to normal size, and it's soooo good to see them back to their old selves, I feel so slim on top. My nurse told me to wear a sports bra or non under-wired as to not cause mastitis. I did use the 3M direct breast gel pads to cool them down, ill do a review on these shortly.

Fingers crossed that my recovery continues like this, it's been very smooth. If my scar is still weeping tomorrow I might go to my doctors just to stop any infection developing. Oh and bleeding has been minimal and has now pretty much stopped, apparently they give you a bit of a clean out during surgery.  My feet are also still a little swollen but nothing compared to pregnancy. (I managed to get converse on yesterday)

My Essential items for post CS

- peppermint oil : very good for trapped wind which is quite common with all the painkillers and also after surgery. I took peppermint tea in with me and it really helped. I haven't suffered from this, possibly due to the peppermint, I know some people thought this was worse than anything else. So get down Holland and Barrets and purchase some of the oil, it's pure so more effective than tea bags. 

- a grabber; yes an OAP style grabber, this has been my lifeline, pinched from my grandparents, it's so handy. I do of course bend over to pick things up but if my scar is a bit sore in the evenings then I will use this to give myself a rest, it gives you independence as you aren't constantly asking your other half to pass you things.  I don't think my Grandparents will be getting that back!

- A place to keep everything downstairs: the last thing you want to do is keep going up and down stairs, so nappies, wipes, change of clothes etc.

- Big knickers: Bridget jones style if possible. You want to keep everything away from your scar so although not the nicest in the world they are essential. Although high waisted undies are totally 'in' the M&S pack of 5 do not fall in to this category. They do help to hold your mummy tummy in though! 

- Maternity leggings or tights. I wouldn't risk wearing maternity jeans as although they can come up over your bump the seam still sits quite low and I think they would irritate the scar. It is much easier for me getting dressed now than it was with SPD. I have also bought some  patterned trousers, that are tight at the bottom and loose at the top, these are great when you have had enough of leggings!

- Somewhere to keep all your essential products; I keep all mine in a little wicker basket with handles that I keep on the sofa with me and take to bed, you can see everything I have in there in the picture below. I also take Albies night bottles up in this and keep it next to my bed. Once I'm up and about a little bit more I plan on doing his night feeds in his room on the arm chair. 

 I'll keep you updated on my recovery process as the weeks progress!! 

Any questions please do ask me. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Our Birth Story

If you have been keeping up to date with my blog you will know I had a planned c-section due to baby being breech, I hate it when they call it 'elective' although you do have a choice to go ahead with a natural delivery it's not advised or encouraged and to be honest no one really discussed it as a possibility with me, I am sure if I had pushed for natural delivery my hospital would have helped me to achieve this, but with all the risks associated this wasn't an option for us.

I was so upset when I was told I would be needing a C-Section. Don't get me wrong I'm not a pain seeking weirdo but I felt robbed of a 'birth story' and I was really about the recovery process, well... I can assure anyone in the same position that as soon as baby is with you safely and in your arms, how he or she got there is totally not an issue! 

I want to talk about the day Albie was born in detail, I know a couple of bloggers and friends all pregnant with breech babies so I want to make sure any concerns they have are covered, I'm not a big worrier especially when you have no control over a situation but I was really struggling with a couple of things and was constantly looking up things in google/mumsnet/netmums for answers to the most random of questions. 

Wednesday 18th September - the most magical  day of our lives 

I had to starve from midnight on the 17th,  so it's fair to say when I woke up at 5am an hour and a half before our alarm I was starving, I couldn't even have my morning cuppa. I did however have a small drink of water to take an anti-acid tablet given to me by the anesthetist in a previous appointment. I  was pretty nervous and excited all in one, I thought within a few hours we would be parents. 

We arrived at 8am and we were taken straight to a delivery suite, I was fitted with some very flattering compression stockings and a lovely hospital gown. How Mr.C kept his hand off me I don't know, Fit right???

Yes we shared the bed and yes Mr.C feel asleep. We had to wait until 2.45pm to be taken down as there was one person in front and an emergency to be dealt with. I was starving, OK, Look and Hello Magazine had all been read so it got pretty boring. We were however kept up to date all the time and were visited by a few doctors and midwives during this time. We also had a scan to double check he was still breech, he was of course.

We met our charge nurse and I'm annoyed that I can't remember his name but. he was so lovely, friendly and relaxed, he took Andi away to get into some scrubs, which he had a great deal of fun posing with.......

He thought he was in ER- not quite George Clooney Love ay? He does make me laugh and helped me to chill out. 

I was then given another gown to cover my butt cheeks when we walked through to theatre. 

Eeek here goes. 

The first thing I noticed about the theatre was the temperature ! It was freezing cold and I had adrenalin warming me up!! I was then asked to sit on the bed by the anesthetist (she had already been in and introduced herself) she really took care of us and stayed up my end the whole time with the charge nurse. She gave me a local anesthetic in my hand- it didn't hurt, no worse that a blood test ladies! A Cannula was inserted to hook me up to some fluids, I did feel a slight cold feeling run through my arms, normal apparently. We were asked if we wanted skin to skin, I chose not to, there was enough going on and I didn't want to risk holding baby whilst being operated on. They were totally cool with this. They placed a blood pressure band on my arm and told me this would be going on and off throughout. The anesthetist then moved round to my back and undone my gown, I was spayed with a cold liquid, when I say cold it's like ice so be warned. I was then given a pillow and Andi was asked to stand in front of me and help me drop my shoulders whilst I curved my back into a C shape, easier said than done when you have a baby tucked up under your ribs.This was probably the most painful part, and when I say painful It wasn't bad just the worst out of everything, again I was injected with a local, no pain, just a slight bee sting sensation. The anesthetist then had to find where to put the spinal, it was the pressure of her on my back that hurt (slightly) I didn't feel her put the needle in at all! Honestly if this is a concern of yours, don't let it be. Obviously everyone is different but I didn't feel a thing. They then told me to lay down and after a minute I could feel slight pins and needles, the feeling was so funny. They did warn me I might start to feel nauseous, which i did, I told them and within 2 minutes I felt normal again, during this time a curtain had been put up just  below my boobs.

The anesthetist then told me she was going to test the spinal by spraying me with an ice spray, she tested on my arm so I could feel the temperature, she started at my legs and worked her way up to under my boobs, it was so strange I could feel the spray but I couldn't feel the cold at all, I was slightly worried that this was the only test they perform before cutting me open !! I could still wiggle my toes so that freaked me out a bit. I told them. They said its normal, I will still feel touch pretty much but would feel no pain. After a couple of sprays she told the surgeons I was all fine and a catheter was inserted. I have always hated the thought of a catheter, it was the main thing that put me off an epidural, they make me wince when I just think about them. However I didn't feel a thing. 

About 5 mins later and knowing I was being touched the charge nurse let us know that they had started and were in, we would have a baby by 3.30pm. Andi was up with me the whole time checking I was ok. I was fine, we just had a little chat with the anesthetist and the nurse. It's mad!! They told me I would start to feel some pressure when they try to wiggle baby out, I did feel pressure, I can only describe it as knowing exactly what's going on but without feeling any pain with it, if that sounds possible. After about 4-5mins of pressure we heard our little boy start to cry, Amazing. They held him up to show us and said they would take him to double check him over, Andi went with him. He came back and told me how gorgeous the baby was. During this time, the nurse and anesthetist continued talking to me. I could then feel a bit of pain, well not pain but pressure, it was like I could feel them putting things back where they should go but no pain!! I'm sure I heard one of them say 'the bladder is slightly to the left' ewwww TMI thank you very much! 

They then weighed Baby and asked if we had a name, which we hadn't decided at the time. Baby C weighed 7lbs 12oz. Check out those long feet!! 

Andi then went with the midwife to the the other side of the room and dressed baby in his clothes and hat that we had taken down with us. Andi came back over and sat down next to me with baby. 

Our first official photo- excuse me in this I  was being put back together, I love this though. I have never seen Andi smile so much. Such a proud husband and daddy moment. 

Once I was all sewn up, Andi passed baby to the midwife and was taken to get out of his scrubs, I'm sure they time this right as during this time I was rolled from the surgery bed to my bed, not the most graceful of moves being that I couldn't move my lower half! I felt like such a lump. Haha. 

Baby was then given to me for our first cuddle as mummy and son. It was the best feeling ever, and baby was wide awake with both eyes examining what was going on around him! Andi was waiting for us outside the room. I was taken straight back to the room we were previously in. 

We decided to name him Albert Rodney Clarke, just Albie to us. I don't know how he smelt so nice but it's the most amazing natural smell. We fell in love ! Here is a pic of his first proper cuddle under my gown. 

So that's the op covered.... Maybe take a break and put the kettle on and grab a biccie for the rest :) 

I was obviously unable to move my bottom half for the first evening pretty much- once I started to get feeling back I still couldn't go anywhere as I had my catheter in. I had already had my fluids stopped so my hands were free for lots of cuddles. I have to give my husband full credit for the first evening and day, I couldn't do any nappy changes or get baby dressed! So ladies think of that as a positive, this yucky meconium poo everyone tells you about, you never have to clean up:) it totally throws the guys in the deep end, it was amazing to watch Albie and his Daddy together. I saw on a quote on facebook this week 'I never knew how much I loved your daddy, until I saw how much he loved you' This is so true, it's a total melt your heart moment when daddy talks and kisses baby adoringly. 

I felt fine in myself, I didn't know the catheter was in and it was actually quite nice not to have to worry about getting up, I was paranoid about it filling up though so did keep asking them to check as it was the other side of my bed.  I couldn't lean to get Albie out of his little cot during the night so had to keep ringing the bell and ask them to come in and help me change him and pass him to me for feeding etc. We had a private room so it was nice to not to hear everyone else's babies and try and sleep, even if Albie had other ideas. I can not give the midwives and the other staff of Basingstoke hospital enough credit, I was really well looked after and nothing was too much trouble for them. Albie was born on a full moon, well a harvest moon- extra bright, the midwife mentioned that all the babies were pretty restless that night, Albie included (our 3am photo is below) He was sick after his milk quite a lot but they told me it's normal for c-section babies to get the fluid up and out. 

Mr C returned the next morning to a sleepy mummy and a fast asleep Albie. I had my catheter removed after visitors left at 4pm. I forgot to mention during my stay I had been washed by the nurses and all padding changed. My dressing was still on my scar though. I was terrified of the catheter being taken out, the nurse promised it didn't hurt, she drained a little fluid from the catheter which is how the it stays in place and then asked me to cough a little (errrr not easy when you feel as though you will tear open) she was right it didn't hurt, I felt it coming out but no pain. Phew!!

The worst part of my stay was probably trying to stand for the first time. The only criticism I have is that I wasn't really advised how to get out of bed so I kind of just guessed to roll and push myself up using my arms not tummy muscles. That was fine. Standing up was not so fine, I felt like everything was pulling me downwards into a hunch, I was scared to stand straight. I sat back down and the nurse left. I was glad to be free of tubes. I attempted to walk to the other side of my room, I had to sit down once I was there, I didn't feel right and started to sweat, I was next to Albies cot and didn't want to fall or pull him over so attempted a walk back to the bed, I just made it in time to press the emergency button, I could feel cold sweat dripping off me and I was really dizzy, as soon as they came in they saw how white I was and put me gently on my side, luckily they made it before I passed out, I was patted down with cold wipes and my blood pressure taken, it was really really low, they told me I was the colour of the sheets, I started to feel more normal after a minute or so, they took my blood pressure again and it was creeping back up. I was so upset as I thought it was a real set back, then I remembered I had to get up again as I had to wee at some stage and there was no way I was getting a catheter put back in. We had a few visitors come and see us, luckily my mum was there to come to the toilet with me, I managed to get up this time, I would advise you to take your time once you are sitting up, I felt quite breathless but they told me it's normal or it could be low iron levels. They told me I didn't lose much blood during the op so unlikely to be iron they checked the following morning and levels were fine. I was given a pot to pee in and only when you go for three wee's over 300ml will you be let out. I had to get my mum to hold it under me whilst I went the first time - Nice!! I would recommend making someone come with you the first time either a nurse or a relative, I couldn't imagine leaving over enough to catch my pee. 

It felt good to be able to get up. During that night I wasn't sure how much I could and couldn't do, my tummy was a little tender but not painful, it was still pretty numb around the scar and still is to be honest. I was still calling the midwifes to pass him out however she said I needed to try and do it myself and showed me how to do it, she really encouraged getting on with things to help my recovery. I did my first nappy change that night. It was nice to feel I could do it! 

On Friday, (day three) I had done all three wee's so my Cannula was removed, again no pain at all- it's pretty big so I was expecting it to hurt but nothing. I did start to feel a couple if twinges on my scar area so I called the midwife again, she came and removed the dressing, I was so worried about it opening the scar so was pretty tense, she told me the sticky part was no where near my scar so not to worry, once she said that I relaxed and it was fine. She told me it looked all normal and some discomfort was to be expected. She then came and talked over a few things with me and told me I was free to leave when I was ready, I called Mr C who was busy getting the house ready for our return home. Once he arrived he helped me into the shower, he was so good passing me all my things and helping me get undressed and dressed again. 

I was given my meds to take home and off we went on our way home as a family for the first time. Ladies, make sure your driver takes it easy over speed bumps they can hurt a little! 

If you have stuck with this then well done you. I didn't want to miss anything out, as I know a couple of readers might be in the same boat.

We have been home a week now and all is going amazingly well. We love our little family and couldn't be happier.  

Excuse Mr.C he had been down getting the garden ready for winter so in his work clothes.

I'll do a separate post covering my recovery, but so far so good. Fingers crossed it continues that way.

Are you having a C-Section? If you have any questions please get in touch and I'll be more than happy answer them.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Coming up...

As you know our little Boy Albie was born via C-Section 6 days ago.. I can't believe it's been 6 days already!!! Waaahhhhh. I am feeling great and Albie is loving his naps. I thought I would just post a quick note on what  I'll be blogging about in the next couple of weeks.

- Our Birth Story- I can't wait to share my experience with everyone, especially those who may be needing a C-Section, I know a few pregnant ladies at the moment all carrying breech babies. 

- Being Parents- WOW, nothing can explain the feeling but I will try my best.

- Recovery after C-Section- Ongoing of course but will let you know how week 1 has gone. I am also thinking about a little FAQ section, I know I googled so much before and after so I am sure everyone else has the same questions.

- Post Baby Body- Pics and Weight updates. 

- Reviews
                 * 3M Direct Post Partum support belt 
                 * The Green People Organic Baby Range
                 * Estelle and Thilds Ecorganic Baby and Toddler Shampoo and Conditioner
                 * Tommee Tippee Steriliser 
                 * Mothercare Orb
                 * Mamas and Papas Starlight Swing

- Baby Buys and Wish Lists 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Baby C is Here

Hi all. Just a quick one. Our gorgeous baby arrived on Wednesday 18th September via planned C-Section. He weighed 7lb 12oz

We are in love with our little Albert Rodney Clarke. Known as Albie to all his family and friends! Rodney is his Grandads name (on Mr C's side) 

World meet Albie 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

39 Weeks

Well we have reached the week of the C-Section. We have been so busy making sure everything is on order for when we arrive home. I have tested out the steriliser and shown Mr.C how to use it, attempted to set up the monitor, this will be his job when I am in hospital, although not such a big deal as Baby will be in with us for the first while. I did get the Sound and Movement AngelCare monitor, so I would like the movement part setup for my own peace of mind and of course to save me prodding the baby every 2 mins.

Weight Gain: Total weight gain in 2stone 4lbs

Bump is measuring 45 inches, no change since last week 

Symptoms: No sleep, general aches and pains and acid reflux has been a b*tch this week. I am also looking forward to my feet returning to normal size!! I will share a picture with you once they have returned to a non hideous size. 

Stretch marks: No change from last week, I think I have been pretty lucky compared to some on this front. I have a few on my hips and about 4 on the underside of my tummy, which to be fair aren't that noticeable so I am sure overtime once I get my toned abs back (haha, back???) they will be unnoticeable. 

Movement: Still lots, I keep wondering if he is changing from breech to transverse, as I keep feeling my tummy go really hard like he is laying across, but I am hoping they are just braxton hicks! I think transverse babies are a bit harder to get out during a c-section. 
Belly button: Outie

Cravings: Nudda!

Wedding ring: As before, my wedding ring is residing on my little finger

Labour Symptoms: Braxton Hicks and period type cramps, but doesn't look as though baby will show before out date! 

Best moments: Knowing I won't be reaching 40 weeks (or more) And keeping out date a secret, I have managed to keep another secret.. that is a miracle in itself.

Worst moment: General worries about C-Section. 

Looking forward to: Completing our family.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

All our bags are packed

With D-Day looming (or should I say C day?) I thought now was a good time to show you what's in my hospital bag. I have removed and added a few things since knowing I would be in for a couple of days after a C-Section. 

We have three bags to take with us. The Cowboy baby changing bag, my trusty Mulberry for all the last minute things and my suitcase....Yes my suitcase is pretty big, but don't underestimate the size of a packet of those lovely maternity pads, they alone take up a fair amount of room! 

I have packed 3 sets of sleepwear.  A nighty, and 2 pairs of dark coloured Pj's. All in size 14-16 so nice and comfy and can be pulled over the C-Section scar. I also have a lightweight cotton dressing gown. The maternity ward was like a sauna when I went in for my ECV so there is no need for a thick fluffy dressing gown in there. I also have some easy slip on slippers. I have put in the dust bag from my Mulberry Handbag, I always take this away with me as it's perfect for putting any dirty clothes in. 


I have also packed two outfits for when I am discharged, I'll decide if maternity leggings and a top are easier than maternity nights and a dress, or maybe I'll just stay in my PJ's and make the walk of shame from the ward to the car and the car to the house! I have also packed socks, a fully charged camera, a towel and my toiletry bag.

My toiletry bag contains:
- Liz Earle minis
- Batiste dry shampoo
-Aussie Shampoo and condition minis
- Anti Bac hand gel
- Dove deodorant mini
- M&S Peppermint breath spray
- Cath Kidston Blueberry Body wash mini
- Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir perfume
-Arnica tablets
- Toothbrush and toothpaste 
- L'Occitane Hand cream
- Lipbalm
-Contact lenses
- hairbands
- Nail polish remover


Baby C's Bag contains a fair few nappies, nappy bags, cotton wool, baby wipes (I think hospitals frown upon using these but I am sure they will come in handy for something else) We have also put his little Rabbit in, this was a gift from a friend. It's from the Little White Company and is soo soft! (Even after Tilly kept removing it from the bag) 

I have also packed 4 outfits for baby
- 4 vests
- 4 baby grows
- 1 cardigan
- couple of hats
- scratch mittens
- few bibs
- 2 cellular blankets

Mr. C will be coming home during the day to see Tills so he can always bring up more of everything if needed. 


Lastly I have packed a packet of Maternity towels from Mothercare - I bought special Aloe Vera ones before knowing I wouldn't be sore down there. I have also put in a few pairs of breast pads. I have saved everyone the horror of photographing my lovely big panties for post c-section, but I haven't forgotten them! Oh and I have also thrown in some Peanut M&M's and some Fruisili cereal bars- I have told all visitors not to enter without food!! Mr.C has also popped out to get me some Peppermint tea as I have heard it can really help with digestion after being packed full of painkillers. 

There are a couple of things that will need to go in before we leave for hospital
- Phones
- Phone charger
- Ipad
- Makeup 
- Hairbrush

My hospital notes are left in my car all the time so I won't need to remember these !! 

I hope I haven't forgotten anything and if I have I hope Hubbles knows where to find it! 

Monday, 16 September 2013

Bloom Beautiful Products

If you have been reading my posts you will know that during my (eeek) 39 weeks of pregnancy I have gained a few stretch marks, however they aren't terrible and to be honest the ones on my tummy aren't too noticeable and will hopefully fade over time (wishful thinking?) 

I have used a number of products since my pregnancy started, firstly bio oil- I do believe this worked, I applied this everyday, twice a day for the first 6 months and gained no stretch marks, I did neglect to put the oil on my hips and this was the only place I had them. Obviously I can't be too sure as I have some on the underneath of my tummy now and maybe I was destined to get them- we will never know. I got really fed up of bio oil, I just couldn't put up with greasy feeling anymore, so I switched to palmers tummy butter, I liked this to begin with but again it was really greasy and left me waiting with no clothes on for if to soak in. Next I was sent Nspa mummy nourishing stretch mark oil and this was a huge improvement on the greasiness of bio oil, I have done a review so worth having a read if you prefers to use oils. 

I was recently sent some gorgeous products by a company called Bloom Beautiful, they are a small company based in Devon, all products are naturally made using local Beeswax with the finest oils, butters and botanicals – no fillers and paraben free! I love to support small business especially ones with such an ethical background. The packaging is very simple but lovely.

I was sent Mummy and Baby massage oil, Mummy Bee Butter, After Birth Herbal bath remedy and Baby Bee Botty Balm. 

I have only been able to use the Mummy Bee Butter and the Massage oil so far and I love them both. My fav is the butter, An intensively moisturising Body Butter with added Rosehip and beautiful scents of Lavender, Tangerine and Rosewood.
The smell is amazing, it really reminds me of being in an massage room in a beauty salon, a really nice aromatherapy natural smell. The texture is perfect for rubbing on my belly/hips/boobs/thighs, it is not at all greasy and leaves my skin feeling super soft. I'm just sad I didn't discover the product until late in pregnancy, I will however continue to use this post pregnancy!  

The massage oil has been great for my poor swollen elephant like feet. They have been really sore and feeling bruised in the last couple of weeks so I have enjoyed applying this and getting Mr.C to massage it in. It's made from a blend of natural oils, chamomile and sweet orange. The orange can be seen floating in the oil. This is recommended for babies 3 months and over, it can be rubbed in or added to baby's bath. I will definitely be giving that a try once Baby C is old enough. 

These products have been really impressive ! I will be trying out the Baby Bee Botty Balm so will let you know my thoughts as soon as.

Unfortunately I won't be able to use the after birth bath healing bag as I need a a C-Section, however I will pass it on to a friend and ask for her thoughts. 

The products are all available from Not On The Highstreet. I will totes be getting a few more products from the range come pay day. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Baby C's Nursery

I have been so excited to share this post with you, Baby C's room is pretty much finished now, we are just waiting to pick up an armchair and we are complete, so whilst I have the chance I thought I would share some photos with you. We love his room so much! 

It's been a long process as we have plastered the walls (well Mr.C did) and had to strip wallpaper off the ceiling, why the previous owners did this I don't know?? We have also has a new carpet fitted and a new window ledge, previously it was lovely brown tiles! 

The bedding, bunting, cot pockets and mobile our all from the Jools Oliver Little Bird range at Mothercare. I really love the unisex colouring but love the 50's styling more! The Cot bed and the Wardrobe in the photo are from Mothercare too, they are part of the Taunton range. I think the shelves on the wardrobe are such a good idea to put little gifts that Baby has been given. 

The Moses basket will come into out room once baby arrives of course. It looks so cosy in there! The Moses basket came with the mattress and the coverlet. I purchased the sheet from MotherCare and the stand is from Mama's and Papas, however has kindly been lent by a friend.

 I made the little rainbow that's hanging on the wardrobe and Mr.C and I made the little toadstools you can see on the top shelf.

The curtains were a total bargain, only £20 from Asda, they are black out too so hopefully will help baby sleep. (We shall see about that)

I am in love with the Vintage style lampshade. It is handmade from Rosie's Vintage Lampshades and cost £40, which is probably a little pricey for a lampshade but I couldn't resist. Worth is, don't you think??

The little birds are from Laura Ashley, I bought them for £12.50 in the sale, they are also little lights so will be perfect at night time when little one is in the room. 

Baby C's changing unit, also part of the Taunton Range at Mothercare, I have fit a wicker basket in one of the shelves with his Nappies, cream and baby wipes in for easy access when he is getting his nappy changed. The changing mat is also Little bird, as is the white cellular blanket, the blue blanket was a lovely gift bought by a friend from the White Company. 


These are original pages from Noddy books bought from Ebay. I love that the colours match the rest of the decor. 

We also had to go and buy some more storage, this holds Baby C's bibs, socks, hats and scratch mittens. 

I bought the little alphabet cubes from Ebay too, again in keeping with the theme of the room. They will eventually be used to spell out his name, which is still undecided by the way.

Lastly, here are a few pics of his organised clothes, I have had to draw Mr.C a little plan of each so he knows what they are and can get out them without messing them up (OCD much?)


We had so much fun decorating and accessorising the room. Have you decided on a theme for your nursery? I would love to see your posts.