Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dear Albie... 2 months

Albie, You are so perfect, these last 8 weeks with you have flown by whilst feeling like you have always been with us! It's crazy! Life has been manic with daddy and I trying to adjust to life with a baby, we love it! 

Your favourite thing to do is sleep! Day and night! You are the amazing sleeping baby, all our friends are surprised when they see you awake, and I'm so happy when they do as they can see your gorgeous deep blue eyes! I am pretty sure they will stay blue like mummy and daddy's. Your bed time is currently at 7.30, after your bath and bottle, you sleep all the way to 2am in your Moses basket, you wake for a little snack of about 3oz at this time, you then have a little cuddle with mummy and go back into your basket, where you talk to yourself until you fall asleep, usually about 15-20mins, (well that's when I fall back to sleep anyway.) You used to sleep then all the way to 6am so we would get up and come downstairs, however since the clocks went back you wake me up every morning at 5am thinking its time to start the day, depending on how you look at this time I might give you a couple of oz to get you through till about 7am. Sometimes you go back to sleep sometimes you whinge till I get you up at about 6.30am. You never cry at night ( yet) so I usually leave you to settle yourself back off, you are really good at doing this when you go to bed but not that great during the night.

You absolutely love bath time. You know when it's time for your bath and start getting impatient if we are running late. You love us to splash you and pour water over your little face! We can't wait to take you swimming! The only time you really cry is when we take you out of the bath, and I don't think it's because you are cold as I wrap you up in a huge warm towel! I just think you were busy enjoying yourself splashing and kicking your legs. 

Our play times consists of mummy singing to you, mainly songs from Mary Poppins (embarrassingly I already had the soundtrack on my phone!) Your favourite song is 'jolly holiday!' You also like time on your play mat, you mostly just stare at your face in the mirror! You never ever stop moving, just like your daddy you can't sit still (god help me!) just like him the minute you stop moving you fall asleep! (Again) you have tummy time on mummy's bed whilst I'm getting ready for the day, you are a bit indifferent to this at the moment. You sort of just lay there which is better than screaming! 

You have grown so big, your last weigh in was at nearly 7 weeks and you weighed 11lb 2oz! We are going to the clinic tomorrow so we will find out what you have gone up to. (Update you are now 11lb 9oz- you are 9 weeks tomorrow at the time of writing) You aren't a massive milk drinker, you take between 4-5oz's every three-four hours during the day. You have really chubby cheeks and a little double chin. Your great nanny says you look like a little Winston Churchill ( I hope by the time you can read this you know who I mean, if not tell mummy and ill get you a history book!!) 

Health wise we have had a few obstacles to overcome but nothing too bad. Constipation was causing you a bit if pain but with a quick trip to the docs we sorted that out. You also had yucky baby acne, you still have a little on your cheek but I think that's because you sleep on that side. At the moment we are dealing with a bit of cradle cap, although it doesn't look very nice it doesn't bother you at all, it bothers mummy more, but it's starting to clear up now so should be gone in a week or two. 

My baby app says you should be smiling now and you certainly are, you love giving smiles to everyone and it's the most gorgeous smile ever! You are cooing to mummy and daddy all the time too, you are even trying to laugh, you haven't quite got it yet but it won't be long and we can't wait to hear it. You follow mummy and daddy around the room when you are sitting on the sofa, you aren't that interested in following anything else yet, although you do stare at Tilly when she is sitting next to you. 

 The last thing I say to you every night is 'mummy and daddy love you' 

You are our perfect little boy. 

We love you 


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