Saturday, 16 November 2013

Albies Christmas wish list

I say Albies, he Obvioulsy doesn't care what he wears, so most of the presents we have bought him are ones he will enjoy, like toys and books. But if I were to go crazy and buy lots of new clothes (don't panic Mr. C I won't !) these are what I would get. 

This is just a vey small selection on what I would love to get Albie. I could be here all day adding things. My favourite shop for boys Autumn/winter without a doubt has to be zara. Albie already got a few bits yesterday from his nanny, I mean Santa!!

We really aren't going mad on gifts for Albie this year, yes it's her first Christmas but I would rather save our money as I am sure this is the last one he won't be able to ask for everything !! 

Where do you shop for your babies?? 


  1. Awww cute things!! I love Zara for boys stuff!

    My fave shops for boy clothes are TK Maxx, Next, Boots & Osh Kosh


  2. ah i am so in love with zaras baby clothes.. really impressed the little fox jumper is so cute! My poor baby has no chance its wardrobe will consist of zara,next and h&m! xxx