Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Delarom bath oil

One of the things I love to do to relax once Albie is in the land of nod is to have a steaming hot bath. It's so nice to be able to have a hot bath, during pregnancy hot baths are to be avoided so I really missed them over the 9 months. My usual bath oil is Jo Malone Pomegranate noir, however it's a bit pricey so will be a one off birthday or christmas treat, so when I was sent the delarom bath oil from the Urban Retreat Beautique, I couldn't wait for Albies bed time so I could draw a bath and light some candles. 

The Urban Retreat Boutique is a luxurious online beauty retailer, you can take a look at the amazing range of products here- They even stock things for babies! It's you are stuck for christmas present ideas take a look! Don't blame me when you fill up your online basket :) the have also just started selling my favourite perfume- Tom Ford Black Orchid! 

The Delarom bath oil is gorgeously presented in a brown glass bottle (not even jo malone can stretch to glass) 

I add a capful of the oil to my bath and relax in the wonderful aromatherapy aroma, ingredients include lemon, cypress and lavender, all adding to the relaxing effect. Not only does the oil leave your body feeling silking soft and smelling  a-mazing, the mixture of ingredients help the elasticity of the skin which in turn should help with limiting the appearance  of stretch marks ! Now it's a bit late for me on that front but I will see if the couple I have from pregnancy improve. The oil can also be used in the shower rubbed over the body or even as a massage oil, I haven't quite talked Mr.C into this one yet, to be fair by the time we reach bed the only thing going on in there is sleeping !! Ahhh the life of new first time parents. 

This product isn't really on the lower end of the price scale however it's a lovely treat and will last sometime so worth the couple of extra pennies. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Albies Christmas wish list

I say Albies, he Obvioulsy doesn't care what he wears, so most of the presents we have bought him are ones he will enjoy, like toys and books. But if I were to go crazy and buy lots of new clothes (don't panic Mr. C I won't !) these are what I would get. 

This is just a vey small selection on what I would love to get Albie. I could be here all day adding things. My favourite shop for boys Autumn/winter without a doubt has to be zara. Albie already got a few bits yesterday from his nanny, I mean Santa!!

We really aren't going mad on gifts for Albie this year, yes it's her first Christmas but I would rather save our money as I am sure this is the last one he won't be able to ask for everything !! 

Where do you shop for your babies?? 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dear Albie... 2 months

Albie, You are so perfect, these last 8 weeks with you have flown by whilst feeling like you have always been with us! It's crazy! Life has been manic with daddy and I trying to adjust to life with a baby, we love it! 

Your favourite thing to do is sleep! Day and night! You are the amazing sleeping baby, all our friends are surprised when they see you awake, and I'm so happy when they do as they can see your gorgeous deep blue eyes! I am pretty sure they will stay blue like mummy and daddy's. Your bed time is currently at 7.30, after your bath and bottle, you sleep all the way to 2am in your Moses basket, you wake for a little snack of about 3oz at this time, you then have a little cuddle with mummy and go back into your basket, where you talk to yourself until you fall asleep, usually about 15-20mins, (well that's when I fall back to sleep anyway.) You used to sleep then all the way to 6am so we would get up and come downstairs, however since the clocks went back you wake me up every morning at 5am thinking its time to start the day, depending on how you look at this time I might give you a couple of oz to get you through till about 7am. Sometimes you go back to sleep sometimes you whinge till I get you up at about 6.30am. You never cry at night ( yet) so I usually leave you to settle yourself back off, you are really good at doing this when you go to bed but not that great during the night.

You absolutely love bath time. You know when it's time for your bath and start getting impatient if we are running late. You love us to splash you and pour water over your little face! We can't wait to take you swimming! The only time you really cry is when we take you out of the bath, and I don't think it's because you are cold as I wrap you up in a huge warm towel! I just think you were busy enjoying yourself splashing and kicking your legs. 

Our play times consists of mummy singing to you, mainly songs from Mary Poppins (embarrassingly I already had the soundtrack on my phone!) Your favourite song is 'jolly holiday!' You also like time on your play mat, you mostly just stare at your face in the mirror! You never ever stop moving, just like your daddy you can't sit still (god help me!) just like him the minute you stop moving you fall asleep! (Again) you have tummy time on mummy's bed whilst I'm getting ready for the day, you are a bit indifferent to this at the moment. You sort of just lay there which is better than screaming! 

You have grown so big, your last weigh in was at nearly 7 weeks and you weighed 11lb 2oz! We are going to the clinic tomorrow so we will find out what you have gone up to. (Update you are now 11lb 9oz- you are 9 weeks tomorrow at the time of writing) You aren't a massive milk drinker, you take between 4-5oz's every three-four hours during the day. You have really chubby cheeks and a little double chin. Your great nanny says you look like a little Winston Churchill ( I hope by the time you can read this you know who I mean, if not tell mummy and ill get you a history book!!) 

Health wise we have had a few obstacles to overcome but nothing too bad. Constipation was causing you a bit if pain but with a quick trip to the docs we sorted that out. You also had yucky baby acne, you still have a little on your cheek but I think that's because you sleep on that side. At the moment we are dealing with a bit of cradle cap, although it doesn't look very nice it doesn't bother you at all, it bothers mummy more, but it's starting to clear up now so should be gone in a week or two. 

My baby app says you should be smiling now and you certainly are, you love giving smiles to everyone and it's the most gorgeous smile ever! You are cooing to mummy and daddy all the time too, you are even trying to laugh, you haven't quite got it yet but it won't be long and we can't wait to hear it. You follow mummy and daddy around the room when you are sitting on the sofa, you aren't that interested in following anything else yet, although you do stare at Tilly when she is sitting next to you. 

 The last thing I say to you every night is 'mummy and daddy love you' 

You are our perfect little boy. 

We love you 


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Breastfeeding Bonus

It has been announced that the NHS will be running a trial scheme to encourage new mothers to breastfeed by awarding them shopping vouchers, in an attempt to raise the number of mothers in the UK that breastfeed. 

In my opinion this is very poor attempt to'encourge/bribe' mothers into breastfeeding. 

Firstly, Breast milk is free, formula is blimin' expensive! Those mothers that chose formula clearly aren't motivated by the financial benefits of breastfeeding, so why would a voucher make any difference ???

Secondly, how is this going to be monitored? There is no way of enduring that the mothers are exclusively breastfeeding. 

Thirdly, the vouchers offered can be spent in supermarkets, what's to say that these will not be spent on cigarettes or alcohol. Again, this is impossible to monitor!

Fourth, mother who are suffering financial difficulties that may have never chosen to breastfeed might feel forced into doing so. Will this led to resentment? 

Lastly, are we considering mothers that had intended to breastfeed all along , no financial incentive needed. Are they going to feel the need to explain their choice had nothing to do with the vouchers? 

I chose not to breastfeed Albie, this is a decision I regret. I believe breast is best for babies health, however after my C-section I didn't feel up to it and the midwives didn't question it, I think if they had I would have been prepared to give it a go, however it's not their fault, I am sure they give up preaching the benefits to mothers. If we do have another baby I will certainly be trying to breastfeed, we have suffered from constipation with Albie and I put that down to his formula. I have also found a number of other uses for breast milk, apparently a couple of drops up a blocked baby nose really help to unblock it, it can also be used to treat baby acne. Don't get me started on the sterilising of bottles last thing at night when you have fallen asleep on the sofa and just want to head to bed! 
If the scheme is initiated after the trials, I think I would certainly want to tell people the vouchers had nothing to do with my choice, especially as I chose not to breastfeed my first. 

What is your opinion on this? Would it convince you to breastfeed? 

(*please excuse grammer and spelling - quickly written post using my iPhone) 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Things no one tells you about pregnancy !

I am now 7 weeks post partum! I have heard people say they forgot what's it's like to be pregnant, well I haven't ! Towards the end it was horrible, so if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant then here is what you are in for: 

Huge, I mean massively huge swollen feet! Ok not everyone gets this but mine were the biggest things I had ever seen, I'm talking bigger than Kim kardashian squeezed into a givenchy shoe! 

This is not the worst photo! I am way too embarrassed to put that on public display. These didn't go straight away, I'm sure my belly shrunk quicker than my feet. 

Thick hair isn't always a good thing- I did not need my hair to get any thicker!! Blow drying hair when you aren't pregnant in hot weather is horrible enough but being pregnant during this summer and spending half an hour under a blow dryer is not fun!! I haven't lost it yet either. 

Your lady garden can't be seen- keeping things neat down there is a work out in its self! Buy a non steaming mirror! 

You may not have a period for nine months but things down there are still happening- I won't explain further but you will see or you will know what I mean! 

Talc powder is great for mums too- especially in the summer, it's a must have for your handbag, stops those lovely pregnant thighs from rubbing! 

You will find a new appreciation for your not so perfect pre-pregnancy figure! 

Not perfect but at least a strap fit around my ankles!  

You think you are tired from peeing all night- you ain't seen nothing yet! Wait until your little one joins you! 

You learn what SPD stands for- and you want to tell it to F off!! 

These are things no one told me to expect!! What did you or are you experiencing that surprised you? 

Monday, 4 November 2013

The booming baby business

All you mummies out there know that your little ones are always in need of something new, especially in these early months, what with growth spurts, brain development and feeding habits. The expense of having a baby veritably doesn't stop at the big items like the travel system and the nursery furniture. Having a baby certainly isn't cheap, it's a booming business. 

I thought it would be helpful to write a post for all the mummies to be on things I have needed to buy since Albie was born, so if you do have any spare cash before getting the less than generous statutory maternity leave then it might be a good idea to get these extra things in. 

Albie has been with us 7 weeks this week  and I can tell you he never stops needing things.

I had a selection of newborn and up to one month outfits, Albie started I grow out of these so quickly, especially his new born outfits! His one month outfits lasted up till he weighed 10lbs, I got a bit more use out of the footless rompers, however all the all-in-ones just didn't allow his legs to stretch out. Off to the shops we went, and back again and again (oopsy) this has to be my favourite type of baby shopping. His is now wearing size 0-3months, depending on where we buy them some outfits are generous, others he has grown out of already. 


When Albie is awake and alert I love to have a little play with him, however he is awake a lot more than his newborn lazy days so I can't occupy him all the time, plus I know overstimulation for babies isn't great. We bought Albie the cutest baby play mat from Mammas and Papas, it's part of the gingerbread man collection. It's perfect for us, it has sides that can be put up or down, this is very handy to stop Tilly (our pug) from getting too close and great for throwing his cuddly toys into. The colours are lovely and bright, Albies favourite thing is the mirror, he loves to examine his face. 

Buggy spiral

According to baby books now is the time that Albs will start to pay attention to objects, at the moment he only follows me or my husband, he doesn't really take interest in other things, but I know this will change very soon and I want him to have something to look at on our strolls into town. I haven't actually bought one yet, I'm just looking for one I like. I really like the Sophie the Giraffe Activity Spiral. The giraffe is so cute. 

I also really like the one below, I read that babies really like black and white patterns as it sort of swims in front of their faces. 

This one does have mirrors on so I'm leaning towards it. Plus it's in the sale for £13.56, what a bargain, a very precise price but a bargain none the less. 

Feeding equipment

Albie was getting really frustrated when feeding and stopping half way through a feed so I decided to change his teats to stage 2, they had made such a difference. He does dribble a bit more but he seems a lot more satisfied. They don't come cheap, £4 a pair, 8 bottles makes it  £16 on bottle teats. 

Winter sleeping bag

Albie has been sleeping in his summer 1 tog sleeping bag as our bedroom is quite warm, however temperatures are really starting to drop now so he will be going in a 2.5 tog sleeping bag. I have chosen the one below from vertbaudet. 

It's my first purchase from their and at the moment all new customers get £15 off when spending £20, so this only costs £13.99 !!! 

Baby bath support

Albie outgrew his baby bath, his legs are so long he was kicking himself up the bath. Little monkey!! I bought our bath support from Kiddicare for about £10, mamas and papas wanted £22 for one nearly the exact same. This has been one of my favourite purchases as he really loves his baths, it's my favourite time of our day, he is so happy splashing around. 

     Cropped to protect his teenage self! 

On top of all this the usual expenses of milk and nappies soon add up. I never stocked up too much on these though as you never know how your baby will get on with a certain brand. 

As you can see, it's been non stop shopping (not that I'm complaining, any excuse to buy my baby something is fine with me) so if you have some left over cash after your Xmas shopping then if might be worth getting a few things to cover the next few months not just newborn stage.