Tuesday, 9 July 2013

29 Weeks, The Final Trimester

Busy, busy, busy, we are now in the third and final trimester and time seems to be flying! I had my 28 week midwife appointment last week, somehow I managed to lose all my notes, what a nightmare!! My Midwife was lovely about it and luckily the doctors has messed up and booked me in for a booking appointment (how they didn't notice my bump when I was booking at 25 weeks I have no idea!!) It worked out well in, we had extra time to fill out the notes in. Needless to say I went and bought a big blue folder to keep my notes in and set the calendar on my phone to tell me where they are before my 31 week appointment- Baby Brain!! All is well with Baby C he has a good heartbeat and is measuring spot on.

Weight Gain- I did weigh myself last week, I can’t remember what I had gained (Baby brain again) but I worked out if I manage to keep it at a 1 lb a week, then in total I will gain 2.5 stone, which I hear is fairly normal. The bump has grown a lot slower than I thought it would, I measured at 41 inches at weeks 26 and 27, now I am at week 29 and measuring 42 inches, so half an inch a week.

Symptoms: Eurgh this hot weather is a killer, especially when the air-con in your office is broken! My feet have swelled up again and I'm literally melting. I am managing to sleep though, according to Mr.C I am fidgeting a lot! I'm still managing to get away with not having to get up to pee in the night! My back is starting to hurt now too but I am assured it’s all normal at this stage.

Stretch marks: :-( I have noticed two very small faint purple marks on my right hand side, almost on my back, I am pretty sure they are the start of stretch marks- Fabulous, I am still layering on the bio oil. I'm not as depressed about them as I thought I would be, I think if they travel on to my front that’s when I will start saving for laser surgery! (if you are interested it’s about £900 for 6 sessions on an area 10x10cm!)

Movement: Not as much as usual, I think he might be getting a bit tight on room. He doesn't like it when I lay too far over on my side and likes to give me a couple of kicks to tell me to move!!

Cravings- Not really. I've tried to eat healthy during the hot weather with salads etc. but I just don’t think there are enough calories in them to give me the energy I need so I end up snacking an hour later.

Wedding ring- weirdly still on, I have had loads of swelling in my feet but none in my hands, they are still coming off fairly easily which is surprising in this hot weather.

Best moment: Hitting the third trimester!

Looking forward to- ticking a few things of our list, Mr.C is off on his last lads holidays on the 25th July – the deal was the nursery would be finished so I can start dressing the room and putting all the baby clothes away whilst he is tanning/stuck in a hotel room hung over. I also need to start car shopping, the mini fits three shopping bags in the boot, so there is no way a buggy is getting in there, I am actually surprised I still fit!

It's Birthing Partners night at my FitMama class on Monday so I am looking forward to dragging hubs along to that. They have a midwife and a chiropractor joining us to give some labour tips, I am sure he will love it!!! http://www.thefitmamastudio.com/

I have a week off work starting the 22nd and it could not come soon enough, more importantly I come back and only have August to work, then I am off!!!

Mr.C's very own countdown


  1. So glad everything is going well sending you 3 lots of love Lucie xxxx

  2. Thank you Lucie, Just can't wait now!! x

  3. Ooooh how exciting, getting so close!!
    It must be a nightmare being heavily pregnant in this heatwave!!!!! It was uncomfortable enough in the winter!!!
    Meh - try not to stress too much about stretchmarks. I was SO thrilled with myself coz I didn't have any right up to giving birth - then once baby was born, they all appeared!! About 30 of them, all over the front of my tummy! I could NOT believe it :/

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks