Saturday, 7 September 2013

Third Trimester Essentials

I am finally reaching the end of my pregnancy and have reached a whole new level of discomfort, maybe because naughty Baby C is breech, or maybe it comes to us all at 37 weeks plus?? I thought it would be helpful for others to know the things that have helped me through these final ten weeks of pregnancy... 

1. Gaviscon Tablets

Acid reflux has been my enemy recently, especially the last few weeks. I just pop a couple of these bad boys and all gone! 

They don't taste great though, like chewing on a minty bit of chalk that gets stuck in your teeth but it does help so well worth it. 

2. Pillow 

If like me, you have suffered with SPD during pregnancy then a pillow at night between the legs is a must. Yes, a pain in the bum to keep it there during those midnight turns but it really does help to ease the pain in the morning. 

3. Nspa Stretchmark oil

I love this stretch mark oil. I have written a full review here: Nspa
I have a few marks but I am still using oil on them, anything can only help right??

4. The World Wide Web

Where on earth would we be without it?? Every Time something pops into my head I search the web for an answer. It has been great at providing information about C-Sections, helping me find other blogs and buying baby things (all essential of course Mr.C!!) 

5. Slip on shoes
If like me your feet have swollen to something resembling an elephants foot then you will need something that slips on and off easily. As soon as I am sat down the shoes come off!! I have also worn sandals but there is no way I can bend down now to do them up, there are only so many positions one can contort ones self into before the tummy proves to get in the way! 

What items have helped your through the final hog?? I would love to hear what you can't do without? 


  1. Good luck with it all :) - we're only just half way!

    Have a look around mine if you fancy it from a Dad's perspective!

  2. Thanks Jack, I will pop over and have a read. Will be great to hear everything for a dads view ;)