Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Coming up...

As you know our little Boy Albie was born via C-Section 6 days ago.. I can't believe it's been 6 days already!!! Waaahhhhh. I am feeling great and Albie is loving his naps. I thought I would just post a quick note on what  I'll be blogging about in the next couple of weeks.

- Our Birth Story- I can't wait to share my experience with everyone, especially those who may be needing a C-Section, I know a few pregnant ladies at the moment all carrying breech babies. 

- Being Parents- WOW, nothing can explain the feeling but I will try my best.

- Recovery after C-Section- Ongoing of course but will let you know how week 1 has gone. I am also thinking about a little FAQ section, I know I googled so much before and after so I am sure everyone else has the same questions.

- Post Baby Body- Pics and Weight updates. 

- Reviews
                 * 3M Direct Post Partum support belt 
                 * The Green People Organic Baby Range
                 * Estelle and Thilds Ecorganic Baby and Toddler Shampoo and Conditioner
                 * Tommee Tippee Steriliser 
                 * Mothercare Orb
                 * Mamas and Papas Starlight Swing

- Baby Buys and Wish Lists 


  1. Aww lovely photo!! Congrats!!
    Can't wait to read everything! Especially the Birth Story x

  2. You both look gorgeous, hope your recovering well and quickly. I can't wait to read your posts, particularly your birth story as I maybe going down the same route you did as you know :)