Monday, 24 June 2013

You're Massive

Normally the last thing anyone should ever do is comment on a ladies weight, but as soon as you are pregnant this rule goes out of the window, expect people to tell you all about your weight gain or lack of from the minute you tell everyone your news. During this hormonal time in your life there is nothing that can make you feel better about yourself than people making comments about the size of your bump or your overall size. I have a big bump so I have the ‘ wow, are you sure it’s not twins’ ‘you are going to have a huge baby’ comments, I want to make it clear though that I don’t offend easily, I actually find comments like this funny, it just puzzles me that pregnant women’s size is a more than acceptable conversation to have.
I know people with a small bump have the same issues, being asked if they are sure their dates are correct and that they don’t even look pregnant, which I am sure for some people especially those first time more can be worrying.
I think it’s funnier when people say “oh you are getting bigger everyday” to which my reply is, “I should hope so, I would worry if I didn’t” Talk about stating the obvious. I have been guilty of this before pregnancy though so that is why I don’t take any offence. I did have a near stranger tell me that I was carrying like her “not just a bump at the front but a big bump at the back”!!!!! I failed to mention that my ‘back bump’ had always been there she just hadn’t noticed.
I did worry that I was going to have a giant baby however after my 25 week appointment I was reassured that Baby C is spot on, when she took the measurement she kept feeling lower and lower down my bump, telling me all the top half was just water (hopefully all the water comes out with my waters breaking)
I have really relaxed about the size of my bump, my Mum put on 5 stone when carrying me and was all bump, I was pretty small weighing in at 6lb 14oz. A close friend also had a big baby bump as has had two babies under 7lb too, so does big bump mean big baby? No. Does small bump mean small baby? No, another close friend didn’t show till her third trimester and had a bigger baby. All equally as gorgeous and cute.  
Everyone carries different and I embrace my big bump, I love it, I love telling people that they are wrong and it’s not ‘any day now’ Just look at the size difference between Kate Middelton and Kim Kardashian, both were due to give birth within a couple of weeks of each other. Kim gave birth a month early and even though she had a large bump her baby was less than 5lb.
So tomorrow I am 27 weeks, only 13 to go! Take a peek at this website to see an array of different size bumps all at 27 weeks.
Have you had any comments on the size of your bump, do you get offended or laugh them off?


  1. You''re right, the size of your bump doesn't make any difference. Yours is a very neat bump and you don't appear to have put on weight anywhere else. I love that top. Do you have one? The best part I loved when I was pregnant was feeling the baby moving around. Amazing isn't it, that little life inside you.

  2. I love feeling the baby move around, and he is so active, the feeling never gets old even when I'm trying to sleep. I'll miss my bump when it eventually goes. I don't have the top but there are loads of places on line that sell them.

    Thanks for reading.

    Sarah x
    P.S you didnt leave your name :-)