Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Little Bird by Jools Oliver

This collection has been my baby obsession; I am totally in love with both the clothes and the nursery collection.

Little Bird is a collaboration between Jools Oliver (wife of Jamie Oliver) and MotherCare, inspired by an old nightie embroidered with a little fawn, passed down through Jool's family. It certainly has the retro feel about it. I love the woodland theme running throughout the collection too. Little Fawns, toadstools, ducks and rainbows are scattered about on everything.

The nursery collection is perfect for boy or girl and if you have chosen not to find out the gender of your baby then this is great if you don't want to be stuck with beige/grey/yellow colours. I have pretty much purchased everything possible in the range for Baby C's nursery. I think it's really reasonably priced too. You can pick up a bargain at the moment as a lot of the collection is on sale.


The clothing is adorable, again I have purchased quite a bit of the range for Baby C. It's fab if you don't want a sea of baby blue or pink everytime you open their wardrobe up.

These are my two fav buys ... (so far)

I can not wait till little Baby C arrives and we can dress him in his little outfits.


  1. I've neevr actually heard of this range before but wow, its really nice! Love those outfits! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following now. When are you due?

    Sparkles &



  2. The range is just lovely. I can't help but buy it all, maybe even in more than one size!! Oops! I love your blog, such a good read. I'm due 24th September, 15 weeks and counting. Thanks for the follow, I'm fairly new to all this blogging and having such fun talking to everyone x

    1. Aww thank you :) Your blog is lovely too! If I can offer any blogging tips at all, just ask!

      Aww that time will fly past! It feels like literally five minutes ago that I was where you are now! My sister is due the day before you :)