Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ripe old age of 27

I turned 27 a couple of weeks ago, my first birthday as a Mummy. I never imagined that I would be married, a homeowner and a mummy at this age. I feel so lucky. I had a lovely lunch on Sunday with my girlfriends, we usually do dinner but I wanted Albie to come along for his first lunch with the ladies, he was good as gold and woke for his feed just after I finished eating. Andi, Albie and I will be taking a stroll into town on Saturday for Lunch. 

Albies cousin Keira didn't forget about him! 

I was very spoilt by my boys, Andi treated me to an amazing new Camera. The Nikon D3200, the camera came with two lenses, the carrybag and memory card, we also decided to get a tripod (for family pics) and a  detailed user guide (I know nothing about the settings so this should help.) Luckily for me the Auto mode is pretty good for now. I just love taking photos of Albie and everyone else of course, who would have guessed I enjoyed being behind the camera as much as pulling poses in front of it. 

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  1. Oooh lush new camera!!!
    Looks like a lovely first Mummy birthday! Love Albie's card :)